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5 Minute Perfect Webinar Script PDF | Normally $997 Today $7

Did you know that one girl was able to tweak the perfect webinar script and launched a new 5-minute version? In only 6 weeks, this girl made over $130K in sales.

In this 5 Minute Perfect Webinar Script, I’ll show you how to get your art in front of the right people and make it work for ANY business. First though…

A webinar is an excellent opportunity to increase your authority and build relationships with potential customers. You’ll also be able to achieve more sales in the long run, while earning a great reputation for yourself as well!

Yeah, I know. And you can read more about that in my Original Clickfunnels Perfect Webinar Script review here!

I bet you are curious about the 5-minute perfect webinar script. Why don’t I let “Michael Granados” show what it is, and how he created this incredible tool that will make your life easier!

Clickfunnels 5 Minute Perfect Webinar Script Review

The 5 Minute Perfect Webinar Script is a shortened version of the core perfect webinar secrets and shortcuts that will show you how to crank out an effective online presence for any product under $100 fast.

You can also combine them in many different media such as Facebook Live video sessions, YouTube videos, or even email broadcasts using this one script!

The Jamie Cross 5 minute webinar is the perfect way to free up more of your time so you can spend it on what matters most: growing other areas in which we’re passionate and interested.

perfect webinar secrets

Perfect Webinar Script (Normally $997 - Today For Just $7)

"If You Can Copy And Paste, Then You Too Can Have A Webinar That Converts!

What included in 5 Minute Perfect Webinar Script?

The Core Perfect Secrets Webinar Scripts are a great way to make money with your online business. This means you have many options when creating your online videos, ad campaigns, or landing pages!

Jamie Cross, the founder of 5 Minute Perfect Webinar to sells her lower-priced lotion bars. When she learned about this new webinar that only takes five minutes and makes you perfect for your target audience (um…), Jamie had a question:

  1. “How to make this working for this business?”
  2. “How can he make it work for sap?”

She failed to sell her webinar. She tried selling 200 packages of soaps and lotions but had no success, not until she found the perfect solution for her store!

She was tired of having her products sold for less than they were worth, so she took Russell Brunson perfect webinar framework and modified it. After months tweaking the system to fit better with selling $39 items instead of higher priced ones like in his original plans; finally after one final test run on social media—this time at only five minutes per session-the new shorter form version became wildly successful!

She achieved an impressive success rate of 100% in six weeks. Within just one year, she had passed $130K worth of sales and earned almost 2 Million dollars!

After she saw the success of her business, Selina wanted to help other eCommerce sellers and anyone who might need a little assistance with running ads or creating their own 5-Minute Perfect Webinar.

Fortunately, she had the chance to work with Jim Edwards who is an expert in writing sales letters and other types of webinar scripts.

And here is the story:

Who Need 5 Minute Perfect Webinar Script?

You can use this 5-Minute Perfect Webinar Script to organize your sales pitch and get more clients! This is perfect if you are selling physical products like:

  • Ecommerce Sellers
  • Amazon FBA Sellers
  • Network Marketers
  • Dropshippers
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • eBay sellers
  • Digital Agency
  • Course creators
  • Bloggers
  • YouTubers
  • Podcasters
  • Advertisers
  • Influencers
  • People with products less than $100
  • And so much more!

Who’s It Not For?

  • Sellers who want to make full webinars
  • People who are not looking to sell anything

Pros And Cons:


  • You can have all the endless sales and positions people are raising their hands telling you “Take this money out of my wallet” with our proven 5 Minute webinar framework.
  • You will have a loyal following in no time with the five-minute lead generation system. You’ll be able to position yourself as the industry leader, build greater authority and rapport from clients or prospects – all before they’ve made their purchase!
  • If you want to stay at the forefront of your industry, keep up with what customers are interested in and capture their attention across various platforms then this is a must-have for any business. With Facebook Live as well other types such ad videos or landing pages it can be used on all these different channels so that audiences remember how versatilely omnipresent we are!
  • There are ways to leverage your content in order not just rely on a blog or YouTube channel for sales. Selling physical and digital products below $100 can help you build meaningful relationships much faster by ensuring that customers have engaged with what they produce, rather than only relying on social media posts which may not always succeed at making the sale happen!


  • People often say that there are no free lunches and I am not trying to be biased. While it may indeed only take one low-priced product or service for someone who is just browsing your site, the point of selling them a product on this website isn’t so much about getting people into our store but rather drawing their interest using creative strategies such as webinar scripts which can continue after higher priced items have been shown if necessary.

5 minute perfect webinar script Alternatives

There are two more Perfect Webinar Scripts? You might be thinking that the first one was enough. They’re so similar, and it seems like every time we start talking about how great this particular script is for getting lower prices from prospects or clients (or both!).

The perfect webinar script is a great tool to have in your online marketing arsenal if you’re selling higher cost or “higher ticket items.” If this sounds like something that could work well for whatever product it may be, then check out the full review with my Perfect Webinar Script PDF because I made sure all aspects were covered!


What is Good Most About the Clickfunnels 5 Minute Perfect Webinar

We live in a world where people are looking for quick and easy ways to take action. If you’re struggling with how your content can make them do it, just remember that video marketing is the answer! It’s so simple – all of our articles at Video Marketing Breakthrough have step by step instructions on creating videos from start (or finish)to finish; now there’s no excuse not to get started because we’ve put together some free resources too if those got us motivated but don’t want any more work than necessary.

What I Liked Least

There are a lot of reasons why this might be true, but I think it’s more likely that your products need to have an attractive starting price in order for people want them. If you’re selling goods at less than $100 then they will get lost among other items on the page and if there isn’t enough room for text or images without feeling overwhelmed with information – which can sometimes happen when writing short reviews like these!

Perfect Webinar Script PDF

Download the few parts of Perfect Webinar Script PDF form Dotcom Secrets Book. Click here for Download.

How to Use the 5 Minute Perfect Webinar Script?

5 Minute Perfect Webinar script really very popular. Use it as a powerful way to do Youtube, Instagram and Facebook Lives that will become ads that drive customer into your sales funnels.

You can also use the perfect webinar script as the sales page on your funnels, especially for your products that are little lower on your value ladder (with a price point of less than $80 or $100).

Depending on the price point, typically the longer or shorter your presentation will need to be to sell anything, but now that you have seen the 5-minute version as well as the 90-minute version, hopefully you will be able to take the structure and improve it for your needs.

What is One Funnel away Challenge?

OFA Challenge is a sales funnel building training program that shows you step by step what you need to do to build your first sales funnel in the next 30 days.

Summary on the Best Sales Perfect Webinar Script 2022

The 5-minute perfect webinar script is a great way to get people’s attention in the modern day and age, because there are so many distractions. You have about 3 seconds max before they scroll or click away from your message! That’s why having something that stands out needs pinpointing if you want them actionable towards purchasing what it offers…

The fastest ways for me has been using copywriting strategies like psychology of persuasion which will make someone feel motivated enough buy my product right off page thanks these few short moments spent crafting content – this was especially helpful when trying break into new markets without any followers yet where success depended heavily upon innovation instead marketing tactics typical found elsewhere

You should want to give your mini webinar script a try because it’s not just about selling anything, but rather telling people why they need to buy from you and following them through every step of the process. With this downloadable copy in hand (you can get it for free!), all that could happen is more raving fans!

Note: After subscribing to the perfect webinar secrets, you’ll be able to download a template, PDF, and PowerPoint presentation. The slides are also available as an excel spreadsheet!

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