30 Days Book Russell Brunson Review 2023

30 days book

Russell Brunson is the author of what many consider to be one of the most influential books on marketing, sales, and entrepreneurship. 30 Days Book Russell Brunson has been at the forefront of marketing for decades and continues to reshape how business is done in today’s fast-paced world. This book will take you through a step-by-step process that will prepare you for success as an entrepreneur or marketer. Whether you are looking at your first job or are trying to grow your own business, this book can help!

The 30 days book is the physical playbook of accomplished entrepreneurs who build their business with clickfunnels. These successful individuals share their insights and secrets to help you on your path towards success as well!

What would you do if your business was to unexpectedly go up in flames?

Russell Brunson, the founder of ClickFunnel made it his mission to ask 100 successful clickfunnels users who had earned a minimum $1000000 from one funnel what they would personally do over 30 days if their businesses went up in smoke.

From 100 the top 30 of the detailed case study Russell  Brunson composes on the 30 days book.
The 30 days book really worth the investment.

The authors of the book breaking new records over the internet. In a step of the article, we revealed their names.

What is the 30 Days book by Russell Brunson about?

30 Days is a 550 pages hardcover book that contains all the information you need to start an online business from scratch in just 30 days. This book will teach you how to make money without having any of these things, such as no list or product and not knowing where traffic comes from with rich content on monetizing your website, email marketing, social media strategies, and more.

In this book, Russell Brunson asked members of the 2 Comma Club what would they do after loosing everything? Out of 100 people who replied he compiled their information into 30 chapters with each chapter displaying one person’s plan for success as well as valuable tips on supplements like email marketing or social media management. If you liked his Virtual Summit then you should also enjoy this guide which includes step-by-step instructions detailing every aspect that needs your attention when starting out!

Price of 30 days book

The book cost you $97, But I mentioned earlier the price definitely worth of the investment.


You can get it for free by joining the one funnel away challenge. The OFA challenge costs $100 in total.

We highly recommended you Join Russell Brunson’s most popular training program.

By joining the OFA not only the 30 days book but also get other bonuses as well like…

  1. OFA challenge workbook
  2. 2 comma club guide
  3. Mp3 player with pre-recorded missions
  4. Lifetime access of 30 days summit

What you will find inside the book

The core theory of the book is to build a business from zero, if you have some knowledge or any business in your mind then you can implement your ideas by starting your own empire even if you have no money, no investment, no product as well.

The 30 days book has 550 pages where ideas, knowledge, strategies shared by 2 comma club members.

Chapters of Book

Trey Lewellen: He has one of the most up-to-date formulas on how to successfully launch a new product.
The formula is an all-inclusive approach where he will help you physically and virtually, too!

Liz Benny: Reveals his secrets on high-end Coaching program.

Garrett white: He shared “core 4” theories for achieving success.

Allison Prince: He emphasizes on E-commerce business. He talks about how his school-aged daughter build 6 figure E-commerce.

Dana Derricks: Shared his own ideas “Dream 100” that helped him as an entrepreneur and for his clients as well.

Julie Stoian: How to set up the first week to establish credibility. She emphasizes on 3 profitability steps to attract high ticket customers.

Stephen Larsen: How to add values on product searching that customers crazy to buy it.

Stacey Martino: He emphasizes on three qualities that help you to get success. The 3 Non-Negotiables of Success: Patience, Persistence and Practice

 Ed Osdurn: The number 1 powerful factor than a testimonial for converting a visitor to a sell.

Tyler Shaule: How to Perform different non-Profit Campaigns to building your business – 4 simple steps

Rachel Pedersen: How to use social media for Business Marketing. He shared the story of how he increases clients income $4000/month to $7000 per day.

Jeremy mcGilvrey: How to find Profitable niches on Instagram in Minutes.

Peng joon: How to attract customers to high ticket live event.

Myron Golden: He shared his own hacks to build $10 million per year for his clients.

Jaime Cross: How to optimize your offers before building your funnel.

Dan Henry: Shared his knowledge in FB advertising & the story how he build $3 million Dollar business in one Year.

Joe McCall: Techniques on high ticket coaching offer.

Spencer Mecham: Guides on affiliate marketing on Autopilot.

Anissa Holmes: How to use Facebook for getting clients in regular basis that fill every slot in your schedule.

Dean Holland: Launching new products and made high ticket sales by webinar strategy.

John Lee Dumas: He shared his 2 hidden techniques in his 7 figure business.

Rob Kosberg: How to made $25000 sales day after day from webinar.

Natalie Hodson: How to expand new markets by influencers.

30 Days Book Russell Brunson Review: Final Thoughts

I love all the strategies of Russell Brunson. I think every program by Russell Brunson totally worth it. The 30 days book one of the great inventions together with his marketing team.

The 30 Days Book Russell Brunson is the physical playbook of accomplished entrepreneurs who build their business with ClickFunnels. These successful individuals share their insights and secrets to help you on your path towards success as well! If this sounds like something that might be useful for you, then head over to https://30daysbook.com/ where they have both a free preview and discounted prices available depending on whether or not you want an ebook version or hardcover copy of the book in addition to all of these goodies. We can’t wait to hear about how much progress we see from our readers when they go through this program together!

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