Clickfunnels 2.0 Pricing – How much is clickfunnels 2023

clickfunnels pricing

If you already have read my Traffic secrets review & Expert secrets review,  Russell Brunson Books review then you might be ready to start your journey with clickfunnels.

Mainly, this post is going to be about the clickfunnels 2.0 pricing who wants to start with savings.

I know that you have an entrepreneurship mind & you already know that Russell Brunson & his team working for entrepreneurs.  His all programs and service is related to entrepreneurship success. You would be happy that Russell has a Program called 30 days summit. You will be wondered Russell launch this summit for the people who just want to come out and start their own business.  He shows on that program “If you suddenly lose everything and you have nothing to invest then what to do over 30 days to build your business.”

You may know about the Clickfunnels funnel scripts 297 plan, is it still available? How to get the most of the discount of it? Learn more.

Clickfunnels 2.0 Pricing – how much is clickfunnels

Initially Clickfunnels Offer 3 plan & Pricing rely on the features.

Standard plan for the single user where platinum plan can use with 3 users.


The main difference of the plan are the number sales funnel and landing pages.

The pricing of Clickfunnels little bit higher then the other competitors in the market but it’s still the no.1 sales funnels builder with complete business solution for entrepreneurs.

How much  does clickfunnel 2.0 cost?

There are many affordable funnel builders available in the market with different plans and pricing. From all of them, Clikckfunnels is a little bit costly than others. For a newbie, it’s difficult to start with the software but, we have another detailed article about different funnel builders with low cost.

Clickfunnel standard plan costs you $97/month in total

2o sales funnel

100 landing pages

3 payment gateway

3 domains

On the other hand, platinum plan cost you $297/month in total

Unlimited funnel

Unlimited landing pages

9 payment gateway

9 domains

With Premium support, backpack and follow up funnels.

Follow up Funnels

It is a dynamic version of clickfunnels. Where you can track every single visitor from where they come that means, follow up funnels report you segment-based data you need to know to grow your business.


It’s just a massive tool to expand your business throughout with affiliate partners. It’s let you know how much you have to pay to the affiliates according to the leads, sales, and tiers, etc.

Should I Go for the standard plan?

For a startup entrepreneur paying $97 only for a sales funnel its little bit costly. When you have to maintain other parts of your business.

It offers 20 funnels and 100 landing pages & without follow up funnels or Email autoresponder.

But, without email Auto responder sales funnel would not works well.

But, you can integret clickfunnels with autoresponder.

If you don’t want to pay the extra then you can try getresponse, they also have sales funnel, email autoresponder with good impressions in the market.

Clickfunnel 2.0 Pricing – Is it Worth it?

There are multiple companies available in the market that offer sales funnel with the different pricing structures. Comparing to other Clickfunnel little bit expensive.

Just want to say that, paying for Russell  Brunson Clickfunnels always worthy.

Just paying the extra you just not buy the sales funnel also joined the world no.1 entrepreneurs forum, Where you can get different training programs, Hear from top motivational speakers, Step by step guidelines to grow your business zero to 6, 7 figure.

When to use Clickfunnel Platinum?

Marketing Agencies & types of business owners can be benefited from the unlimited landing pages, sales funnel & unlimited follow up funnels.

Under the platinum plan, you can easily set up your affiliate marketing dashboard and calculate their commissions as well.

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