Russell Brunson Books Honest review 2024

russell brunson books

Russell Brunson one of the most successful online entrepreneurs. He is the popular Author worldwide & mostly in the United States. His most Popular Books like Dotcom Secrets, Expert Secrets & Traffic Secrets.

Russell Brunson got Popularity mostly for Funnel Marketing.

He is the Founder of Clickfunnels. Here we review Russell Brunson books & who should read them.

In his books, he talks about online Business, Entrepreneurship, Audience & lot of proven methods he used to promote his business.

In his books he add values in Funnel marketing, how funnel works, Benefits of sales funnel, How increase conversion using funnels.

Russell Brunson Books 2021

The Dotcom Secrets book

The Dotcom Secrets Book Published in 2015. Since 2015 the book sold over 200000 copies & still in 2020 the book one of the major book by Russell Brunson.

Who needs this book?

The book specially for the online business owners. The book will guide the entrepreneurs to build a profitable business platform.

In the book it’s widely discuss about sales funnel.

In term of online marketing the sales funnel is the key to Promote your business in a great style.

Russell Brunson teach you about funnel.

(Funnel is the Step by step actionable web pages that contains your business offers & which play with customers sphyciology)

The Dotcom Secrets give you a detailed guidelines about funnel marketing, how to get targeted customers. Eventually it’s a overall package for making money online as a entrepreneur.

Mentioned earlier, Russell is the Co-founder of Clickfunnels & got success in online marketing platform.

For his readers Russell shared all his hidden techniques that he gained over his marketing carrier.

 Finally, the book will help you to make your first sales funnel using clickfunnels, he shared the funell marketing techniques and scripts you should use in your funnel too.

So, it’s a worm guideline on how you can make a successful business ventures online.

Expert Secrets book

It’s another gift by Russell Brunson. The Expert Secrets Book published in 2017 with some expert secrets.

The topics and the information are valuable because all are provided by experts in their fields.

The lessons are interesting for anyone.

Russell Brunson Suggest this book anyone who have business mind.

If you have some idea about cooking the book will help you to generate or Produce your Own first product & sell it.

It’s interesting!

Isn’t It?

Who doesn’t loves proven tips?

Over 100 of experts reveled their expert formulas & hidden techniques on this book that they tried & tested.

I love this motivational words “Everyone is an expert ”

In everyone human there are something to grow just you have to find it & grow it big.

So, think Big.

The expert secrets book is the Continious of Dotcom secrets.

Therefore,  Russell Brunson shared expert funnel marketing techniques.

At a Glance

The Expert Secrets will help you to find your expertise

Help you to build your Own Products

It teach you how to grow your own community, fan follower

Give you the powerful voice & leadership in you

Using clickfunnels how to make sales funnel, how to market your funnel and more.

Traffic Secrets Book

The latest book published in 26 March in 2020.

After publishing the Traffic secrets book Russell Brunson Complete his trilogy on online marketing business.

Dotcom secrets all about Online Business

Expert Secrets book help you to grow yourself as a successful business owners.

And the latest Traffic secrets teach you how to drive traffic to you business

Traffic is the most valuable assets in online business platform. Without any traffic there is no sales eventually there no returns.

You have to build business/products just once but driving traffic is a continuous process.

To live in the long run it’s always a tough game for marketers.

In the book Russell Brunson shows how to change the momentum, how to expand new markets.

He shared techniques how to target market internationally even in different languages

You will get over 100 source of traffic generation.

How to set low cost paid campaign

How to re-target existing customer with a lower ad cost etc.

Over to you

Russell Brunson Books (hard copy) are free for everyone just pay little for shipping only.

If someone planning to start anything on online then it’s highly recommended Russell Brunson books to read.

Russell Brunson loves Entrepreneurship.

He provides motivational value for the newbie entrepreneurs.

 He shows how to grow self-power & how to set new goals finally, how to execute them.

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