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What is Traffic?

In the terms of Online Marketing, traffic is the bloodline for any business.

As an entrepreneur, you need traffic, right?

How’s about you plan to drive traffic to the sales funnel?

It’s may be

  1. Social Media ads
  2. Search Engine traffic
  3. youtube traffic etc

If you are driving a specific amount of traffic but want to grow big & increase your ads budget but if you losing money without sales.

What will be the Consumption?

The Conclusion is you are missing out to expand your markets.

Yes, there is various source of quality traffic, different techniques that help you to convert a new person to a Customer that make sales.

Would you love to expand those traffic sources that generate leads? Start with the Free Traffic Secrets Book by Russell Brunson.

  1. Be an 8 figure entrepreneur like Russell Brunson just find out the right traffic source that ideal for your Business
  2. Expands new markets, if one has gone down, your business would not crash.

Let’s order the new Traffic Secrets Book & see the all important chapters.

Note: Traffic Secrets book is different from Traffic Secrets course. The book is just newly released on March 16.

But, the Course is still useful to generate leads & drive traffic to the sales funnel.

What is Traffic Secrets Book?

A book all about generating traffic to you Business or sales funnel.

The book is the latest invention by Russell Brunson (ClickFunnels , CO-Founder)

The core prospects of accumulating this book are just given complete satisfaction for  Clickfunnels users.

Without any doubt the new Traffic Secrets Book is the part of a trilogy:

  1. Dotcom Secrets – All about building a sales funnel
  2. Expert Secrets – Why & how to build a tribe
  3. Traffic Secrets – Traffic Generation

This book focused on some valuable features as follows…

  1. How to discover your Dream Customer
  2.  How to make sales from the first day of your business
  3. For growing big, how to expands new markets
  4. How to set up a continuing process for traffic generation

What is Traffic Secrets Course?

It’s an all in one Marketing solutions for anyone.

The Course discovers new methods of traffic generation to your sales funnel or website.

The intension is clear to make someone perfect in online business, who gain a wide range of traffic generation formula, if a platform crashes, can grow up with other platforms.

The Training Covers the topics: SEO, Social media, Podcast, Mobile Apps, Software & Widgets, Paid Advertising, Email Marketing & how to expands new traffic sources internationally.

It’s valuable for beginners to top level marketers.

The Course contains 24 modules, each module divided into several sections, where discussed every part and parcel of the module.

Who created the Book?

2 years of hardworking by Russell Brunson, the book was released on 16 March 2020.

Yes, Russell Brunson is the Author for the Book.

But the course,

It was created by John Reese.

When John Reese revealed the course for the first time he got a massive responses by making $1 million just in 18 Hours.

The Course has 24 modules & originally created for professional online marketers. He shows every part and parcel of online marketing techniques so that they can drive traffic to their business for making sales.

The second part of the course…

Russell Brunson inspired by John’s $1 million just in 18 hours. He just started to follow John and one day he asks John for the course rights.

Finally, John bought the full rights of the traffic secrets course & it’s all for $1 million.

Now, anyone can join the course in the Clickfunnels membership site.

Traffic Secrets Cost

The Traffic Secrets Book Value = Book Price

Traffic Secrets Book Value Not equal to its Price


The Book is free for all.


You have to pay the shipping cost which $9.95 for the USA shipping & $19.95 for international shipping.

Other Costs…

  1. Traffic Secrets Audio Book $37
  2. Traffic Secrets 2 day Event $97
  3. Other Books – Box sets
  4. funnelytics software  $397

What’s inside of the Course?

The course is quite valuable for beginners to advance level professionals.

It has 24 modules, every module discusses topics in several sections. So that the trainee can easily enter into it.

Below, we discussed in details..

Module 1: The Foundation

The foundation of a course always plays a vital role to go inside of it.

In the Foundation of the course, you will learn how to set your business goals, how to set your mind, Core theory & some essential stuff you should sacrifice to start.

  1. Setting goals
  2. Core theory
  3. Sacrifice Points
  4. Brand & Design
  5. Domain Names
  6. Macro & Micro Targeting
  7. Introduction to Google Analytics
  8. Introduction to Facebook Pixel Tracking
  9. Introduction to Google Tag manager
  10. Setting up GTM with Analytics & Facebook Pixels
  11. The Foundation 25 items Checklist

The Chapter also shows how to design your brand for Getting Quick Market Value, the importance of choosing Domain names, Benefits of EMD & PMD domain names, etc.

Most of the Entrepreneurs make mistakes on Choosing Domain names.

But, It’s true that some sort of Search Engine CTR (click-through rate) rely on it, it’s increased brand value, Customer trust, Search engine integration as well.  So, you will get Domain name secrets as well.

Note: The Book is Free + with Little Shipping Charge, for equipping your online career from the beginning it’s just a massive gift for you by Russell Brunson.

When you running a business it’s crucial to target your market.

 Macro & micro-targeting Section will give you huge knowledge like how to save money on Advertising through Facebook Pixel Tracking, Market research, Filtering & like that.

As an online Entrepreneur, Google analytics is the key to drastically increase your business performance. In the day end, it shows you a total report of your website like Click-through rate, average Spent Time on Particular Pages, Bounce Rate, location data for Incoming customers & lot more.

GTM or Google Tag Manager is an Advance tool in the Digital Marketing tool. GTM offers to consolidate all the scripts in one big script. Use GTM over Google Analytics, FB Pixels to create event Clicks, URL parameters, and lot more.

The Foundation of the Course Contains 25 essential checklist so don’t miss out on that.

Module 2: Market Discovery

The module mainly teaches you how to find your Dream Customer, How to discover a market for your Desired Product.

Market Discovery kind of fundamental practice for any business startup.

Principles are the lows they never change. Let’s have a look at the Principles…

  1. Market Discovery Overview
  2. Power of surveying
  3. Subscribe to competitor list
  4. Google Trends
  5. Google alerts
  6. Monitoring advertising
  7. Social Media Tags
  8. Monitoring blogs
  9. Discussion Forums
  10. Freelance Sites

You don’t know what your Customer wants, creating something before proper asking or surveying it’s just a 50 50 chance for you.

“Survey” of product or service is just the Confirmation that you are not going to die.

You can collect initial Customer voice data & insights that set you in the driver seat from the first day of Product Launch.  

If you know what your competitors offering than you can create something that better from them.

It’s a simple tactic to help you build different techniques, increasing market value, their strategies.

Creating particular Email accounts for different competitor gives you some extra benefits for equipping your plans & execute them.

Google trends pic:

One of the valuable free tool provided by Google.

You can see searching trends for a specific Product or a Searching terms.

Like Semrush you will not get huge data but it’s enough for location-based searching, Group keywords, Locations info, Search trends for free.

For Information seekers, Google Alerts can be a free assistant for them. Suppose you want to get alerts topic on the “keyword research tool” go to the Google Alerts & configure it with email also advanced filtering you can use for the best result.

When someone makes a post on the desired topic you will be notified by email, that simple!!

Monitoring competitor’s advertising is a kind of strategy you can use, it’s like how much they spend on advertising through Facebook ads, Google ads, etc.

It helps such a way to execute your plan over your financial status.

It’s a free service by Facebook, Just visit the page  type Company or page names you want to inform.

Social media tags one of my favorites away to increase visibility for new Page launch.  There are millions of people sharing & following hashtags so it’s an easy away to win Customer attention.

Monitoring Blog:

On the way of market discovery, monitoring blogs one of the technique, make a list of your top competitor blogs & follow what are they doing & what is not.

Remember that, you follow the companies are ideal on their way, so get ideas about what the market wants based on your competitors are publishing & not publishing.

Discussion Forums & Freelance sites

Discussion forums provide good value for information seekers. For example, sites like Quora, Yahoo’s answer still have millions of visitors.

If you are a service Provider then sites like Upwork, Fiverr would be a valuable source for you. You can follow categories based on your service. You will get information about what people want, what people are struggling for.

Module 3:  Copywriting Secrets

Copywriting is important. The most important is to know Copy Writing Secrets.

In this module, you will learn how to write sales copy that converts a customer into a subscriber, sells, etc.

You will get some initial ideas about copywriting, but you can learn in-depth from Copywriting Secrets book by Jim Edwards.

  1. Copy Writing is critical
  2. Power of Benefits
  3. Core Elements of copy
  4. 37 Power Words
  5. Headline formulas
  6. Writing HTML Title Tags
  7. Bullet Formulas
  8. Video Sales Letter Flow
  9. Competitor Ad Copy
  10. Word Counting

You will get a downloadable copy of 37 power words for marketing sales copy.

Getting customer response through email, these words consider as “Trigger” to take an action.

Headline Formulas & HTML title tags:

Another effective way to increase visibility through the search engines, social media, helps you to get the first impression of your customer.

You can use these formulas in your optin pages, sales & more.

Bullet Formulas:

Bullets are really great ways to aware of products or services shortly. People love it because it’s just easy to know the benefits of the product/service.

In this section, you would learn how’s bullet points can be effective for you & how to use them.

Video sales Letter Flow:

In 2020, a Video sales letter works like a skyrocket. If you haven’t noticed it just want to say go for the complete course called Funnel Scripts & highly recommended the traffic secrets scripts as well.  

It provides great value to the customer then written sales letter.

Its convert a new customer into a sales easily

This lesson will give you some extra value when you makes video sales letter.

 Module 4: Keyword Science

Keywords are the terms people used to find their desire products on Search engines, Social media as well.

I just love the Keyword Science.

Mostly, Keywords are broadly used in digital platform


It’s time to take it seriously in the Physical platform as well.

Suppose, you are selling jelly in orange flavor in Physical platform, but you don’t know there might be thousands of people who prefer the different tastes.

If you use keyword tools you will be notified about the different tastes along with how many people search for the product in a particular area.

So, it’s very important.

  1. Keywords
  2. Building our master list
  3. Super conversion keywords
  4. Exact Match VS Broad Match
  5. Negative Keywords
  6. Google Keyword Planner
  7. KeywordSpy
  8. UberSuggest
  9. Amazon for Keywords
  10. Answer the Public

In this Module you will be aware about…

Building Your Master List: How to Build a master list to start your business.

Super conversion keywords: Super conversion keywords are the terms that are used to purchase a product/service.

They will learn hold on your hand, how to implement with the first sets of keywords & if you fail what to do for the next.

To make your job easier there will be an overview of keyword research tools like Google Keyword Planner, Ubbersuggest, KeywordSpy.

Another interesting topic is the negative keywords, they will show you the importance of Negative keywords & how to implement these in your campaigns.

Amazon for keywords: You can use amazon to get ideas about keywords. Amazon Product search bar makes this job easier for you.

Exact Match VS Broad Match:

In this section, you will be notified of the difference between these two keyword matches. Which one should implement first and how to configure.

Module 5: Email Marketing tactics

If you have an email list then you have the most valuable assets in Internet marketing.

In the long run they most converting traffic over the internet.

In this lesson, you will find other valuable information on email marketing, list building, Conversion rate, etc.

  1. Most valuable assets
  2. Types of optin Mechanisms
  3. How to increase optin rates
  4. Promoting your list
  5. Automated Monetization
  6. How & When to Mail Your list
  7. Types of List Campaigns
  8. Behavioral Triggers
  9. List Maintenance
  10. Using BriteVerify

Types of optin Mechanisms

You will need to know different types of OP-tin mechanisms, how they work for the building list.

Example: How to use Thrive leads, ConvertBox, Built-in popups etc.

How to increase Optin Rates

Thousands of marketer doing email marketing.

How many of them get success?

Marketing is easy but it’s challenge getting customer attention.

Just think yourself, how many emails you receive every day & from them how may you open by clicking them?

This lesson is super important to increase optin rates.

Promoting your list:

In this challenge, you will have some proven ways to build your email list. You will meet with autopilot, using these advanced techniques on how you can grow your subscribers.

Automated animation

In the Email Marketing platform “Marketing automation” or “Autoresponders” is the common technique used.

The lesson tells you how to configure the automation & monetizing them with relevant messages.

How & When to Mail Your list:

What is the best time to send emails? How many emails per day? Every part & parcel will teach you including list maintenance, where you can able to the analysis email list & clean them.

Types of List campaigns

In this section, you will identify different types of email campaigns. Using the list campaign you are able to send the right email to the subscriber for a conversion.

Behavioral Triggers:

You will learn from the behavior of customers so that you can implement them right away. Surely, this “behavioral triggers” help you to maximize your conversion.

Module 6: Borrowing Traffic

  1. Borrowing Tons of Traffic
  2. Decisions you need to make
  3. Tips for Maximum Success
  4. Power Recruiting  Secrets
  5. Product Lunch Windfall Cash
  6. Webinar Cash Flow
  7. Recruit Snooping
  8. Grow with Simple Monitoring
  9. The “Geniuses of” Strategy

This will be very interesting for you because you are going to Borrow traffic.
Is it possible?

Yes, it is really possible & the technique will be the best for you in the long run.

The method is Known by Affiliate marketing, Affiliate marketing is the most low-cost effective way to generate tons of traffic.

The magical thing is you won’t pay someone until the customer paid you money.

There are millions of people who just try to join different affiliate networks to promote affiliate products.


You might be thinking how to attract affiliates for your new business.


There is another powerful strategy “Power Recruiting Secrets” you can follow to get a new sign up for your affiliate program.

There is another section known “Recruit Snooping” where you can learn how to find Partners that help you promote your Products.

Product Lunch Windfall Cash:

When you first time launch your Products there will be a lots things happen.

That time the products will get customer first impression, reaction,


The time is crucial for your startup business.

How use the momentum going by your side.

Along with that, you will get access to webinar cash flow to creates enough intimacy and relevancy customers.

Module 7: Shopping Engines & Amazon:

  1. Ecommerce Product Promotions
  2. eCom to Non eCom Opportunity
  3. Non eCom to eCom Opportunity
  4. Comparison Shopping Engines
  5. Kindle Books Lead Generation
  6. Amazon Product advertising API
  7. Alibaba Product Suppliers
  8. Supplement Private Labeling
  9. Worldwide Brands Dropshipping
  10. GoDataFeed

This module will teach you how to use eCommerce Platform to drive traffic.

The lesson is important because you will find some information that generates tons of traffic to your sales page.

Kindle Book one of the proven ways to drive quality traffic. You will learn how to create kindle books and up to eCommerce sites like Amazon, Alibaba to generate traffic.

eCommerce platform always big deals for new business, Using Alibaba or Aliexpress to find suppliers online.

Using Amazon affiliate Program or Advertising API can embed Amazon products on your website.

Also learn, How to get millions of clicks/traffic to your online store using price Comparison.

Module 8: Traffic Formulas

  1. Traffic formulas & methodology
  2. Common marketer Mistakes
  3. Mining campaign traffic gold
  4. Split-testing Discipline
  5. Traffic Secrets Base Formula
  6. 10(5) profit Growth Formula

This module teaches you how to play win-win games to generate traffic. You will able to practice all the advanced theories & methodology behind the scenes.

If you driving traffic with a lower conversion rate, there will be some logical mistakes. In the module, you will run a quick split test to find out the mistakes.

Along with that, you can analysis different campaigns & identify which are profitable & which are not.

You also learn how to increase traffic flow in the month to month that achieve your Business Goals.

Module 9: Buying Media & sponsorships

  1. Buying media overview
  2. Tips for media buying success
  3. Advertising Price options
  4. Setting up Conversion tracking
  5. Conversion Hunting!
  6. List of media networks
  7. Negotiating Media Buys
  8. Sponsorship Secrets
  9. Ad creative Analysis
  10. Content Distribution Networks

Buying media or Sponsorships ads from reputed sites like CNN, Fox News, Huffington Post, ESPN it’s not driving your traffic, it just helps you to build your business.

Over the world there are millions of people who follow these Sources.

I mostly love those sites for customer massive flow of trust.

It’s not just end here!

Buying Sponsors from them it’s not just easy, same time its worthy

In the module, you will get a touch on how to buy media, Perfect ad sizes, List of top sites.

Same time how you can reduce the cost, techniques will share with you for successful media buying. Mind that everything is negotiable.


Placing the ads your first job is to set up a conversion tracking using Google Analytics. Without tracking traffic online it’s just like driving with blinders.

Along with that, they will teaches you how maximize conversions rate.

Module 10: Google Ads (Formerly Adwords)

Google ads is the biggest pay per click advertising platform in the earth.

Same time,  Google ads are the lengthiest module in the Course. It Contains more than two dozens lessons that you can be mastering on Google ads.

In this necessary module you will learn…

  • How to use group Keywords to running your campaign
  • Positioning value of ads
  • Setting up conversion tracking actions
  • Negative keywords strategy like “free, cheap” How to avoid them while advertising.
  • Short tail vs long tail, which one should profitable for you.
  • Why Brand name keyword is the key to success?
  • What’s about CTR (Click through rate), How to improve CTR to better Conversion rate.
  • Setting up Split testing
  • Along with, how to Creates your first ads.

These days paid advertising is the key to make millions of dollars just setting up at home.

John would show how to start, how to optimize your first ad copy to gain maximum clicks & Conversion.

Module 11: Podcasts and Broadcasts

In 2020 podcasts, Broadcasts is a trending source that could drive tons of traffic to your Funnels.

In this module, they discuss different types of equipment for podcasts & streaming your video.

There would be more sections on Facebook live, youtube live to create intimacy with your potential customers.

John will teach you how to hack the Apple iTunes podcast directory to rank up your podcast in higher.

For me,

Podcast! It’s always horrible for me because I haven’t a podcast friendly voice at all.

If you are like me

Don’t’ be worried!

John shows us how to outsource the podcasting process.


To Increase productivity of podcast, how to interview successful business owners & brands

Finding other podcast directories to present your brands or products

Module 12: Mobile App Marketing

As a Profession business owner, you should not avoid any traffic source.

Mobile app is an enormous traffic source for any kind of business goals.

Just think yourself!

There are billions of people used mobile apps daily.

It’s true that, there is millions of small business who hasn’t use Mobile app for marketing.

So you can take the chance for growing up.  

Other benefits & tricks from this module…

  1. Get Email subscribers
  2. Get your mobile app from a reliable source
  3. App ranking up formula to get massive visibility
  4. Increase brand value
  5. Get more buyers in the long run.

Mobile app marketing is a beneficial strategy if you can do it strategically. Get the full ideas from this module.

Module 13: Software & Widgets

The concept of this module the same as the previous one. This also shows you how to software & widgets to drive traffic.

You can learn different strategies to apply on Software & Widgets to drive traffic to your sales funnel.

Module 14: Facebook Ads

Running a Facebook ad Campaign is just wasting your money!!!

I know you may be thinking.

I shared the wrong information.

Yes, I am wrong.

And it is wrong for the marketers who have a unique experience on Facebook advertising or working under a Guru.


When it come newbie

I just say it’s just throwing your money in a pond.

Note: This module is not guided you step by step running an ads.

These days Facebook advertising is so much competition. So you need to bake your skills before running a campaign.

Along with that you will learn..

  1. How to create high converting ads
  2. Retargeting
  3. Tracking your ads
  4. Pixels
  5. And lot more

Module 15: Traffic Retargeting

You may be familiar with Browser Cookies

Advertising Companies like Facebook, Google showing advertisements rely on Browser cookies.

Browser gain the Cookies/Information from User

That means…

Companies showing relevant ads depending on browser cookies

In the way,

If a customer visits your website & leaves without buying the desired product, you just lose your money.


It’s a relevant traffic & have chance to make the purchase.

So, using the retargeting techniques you can show ad again to them even lesser cost.

Module 16: International opportunities

What’s about untapped traffic source like outside of your own country?

How to utilize international traffic source?

The module ready to help you to target traffic internationally, walk through the module you can expand into other foreign markets too.

Along with that, you will learn how you can find a language translation expert, how to find the hot spot of your business relevance traffic, etc.

Module 17: Social Media Strategy

Social media are the marketing giants in these days.

Most valuable traffic source on the earth in any niche. John will walk you through in these top social media.

He will show you different features of these platforms, how to utilize them & how to get the most out of them to make your conversational goals.

  1. How to use Proper hashtags
  2. How to maintain posting
  3. How to maintain time
  4. Valuable Social platform like: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram,  Linkedin & Buzzumo etc.

Module 18: Traffic Recycling

I believe the statistics below!

80% to 90% (it depends) of your website/social media visitors would not buy from you directly.


Some people, it’s not mandatory to buy the product – Cold traffic – give value & need force

Some people would not buy the product from the first website visit or the first time – warm – they need reviews

Some people ready to buy just waiting for confirmation – Hot traffic – Give them Comparison chart of other relevance product

So, all you need to know in this module to Recycling traffic….

  1. Turning Non-Buyers Into Revenue
  2. When Will Others Send You Free Traffic?
  3. Traffic Asset Leverage Points
  4. Email Marketing Is The Core Engine
  5. Types Of Traffic Recycling Campaigns
  6. Run Powerful Contests!

Module 19: Google SEO

Really enjoy the every section of this view.


I love Google Organic traffic.

Organic traffics are the most valuable & most converting traffic in the earth.

The module covers the concept of SEO which include the off page & on page SEO.

John walks you through starting from content creation to social media signals, more than 20 topics will be discussed.

We know SEO changes pretty fast. If you find some outdated tools recommended by John it should not be surprising.

But, you can learn a lot of principles around SEO & its techniques.

Principles are the laws, they never change!!!

Module 20: Building a Content Factory

Content is King!

An old dialogue


Old is Gold.

John will teach you how to generate quality content that Google love.

How to write content targeting many of keywords that flourishing of organic traffic.

How to post on social media that go viral.

It also covers…

  1. Types of content for targeting different audience
  2. How to generate ideas for content
  3. How to structure the content
  4. How to analysis the content
  5. How to outsource the content
  6. How to flourishing pipeline for content creation
  7. Where to publish your content
  8. How to maintain timetable for publishing

Module 21: Content Curation Methods

In a single topic there are thousands of contents available.

It’s usually difficult to generate unique one for the newbie.


We know that contents are the all in all in online marketing.

So, we need content, we need to satisfied our customer.

John shows us some techniques like

  1. How to legally use other people’s content to get traffic.
  2. Create An Opinion Piece
  3. Drive traffic to your website using other’s youtube videos
  4. Use other’s infographic to get social signals to your page

Module 22: Youtube Marketing

World  2nd largest search engine.

The easiest way to drive millions of traffic to your business because people love to passing times just watching videos.

Very easy to increase brand value

So, John would teach you how youtube could be your first choice to drive massive traffic from the first month of your business for free.

Yes, youtube can make your bucks from 1st day of your business.

In module 22 John teach you…

  1. How to target keywords
  2. How to rank youtube videos
  3. How to optimize videos

Module 23: Expansion & Scalability

This show helps you to grow big.

John talks how to improve scalability, how to expand your markets.

For example, I have seen that most of the entrepreneurs running a successful ad campaign shortly.


When they increase their budget for the existing advertisement they lose money, the advertisement campaign got worse.

  1. Expand Your Market
  2. Expand Your Products
  3. Expand Your Traffic Sources
  4. Make Content Site Acquisitions
  5. Make Business Acquisitions
  6. You Must Reinvest To Grow!
  7. Max Results From Max Leverage

Module 24: The Master Plan

It’s all over.

After training is done it’s time to implement what you learned.

So, john helps you to equip your business plan, he finds out the best plan for you.

I believe this super valuable course helps you to stay focused & organized while you working on the field to promote your Business.

What is the traffic secret scripts?

Traffic Secrets Scripts is the key for every entrepreneur who wants to generate compelling copy that drives traffic to their offers. The scripts increase traffic flow to your sale funnel or offer.

Final Thoughts about Traffic Secrets review

I know you may be thinking.

Should you get this traffic secrets book?

I just say,            

I know people who hold online for making money they needs traffic.

Without traffic it’s just wasting money with valuable time.

Who needs targeted traffic?

  1. Ecommerce Business owners
  2. B2B
  3. Coaches & Consultants
  4. Bloggers
  5. Agencies
  6. Affiliate marketers
  7. Doctors
  8. Network Marketers
  9. MLM
  10. Freelancers
  11. Non-Profit Organizations

The Traffic Secrets book highly recommended before you start your online carrier it’s a massive opportunity to scale up & improve your skills.


You get ideas more than 100 sources for generating traffic.

It’s highly recommended,

Not go for multiples at a time

Pick a method, implement it & drive traffic to your sales funnels, make the conversion.


Start with the other one.

My final Words: You can find different tutorials online that teaches you on the different traffic source.


Traffic Secrets guides are different from all, it helps you to set your mind, it tells you about professionalism, It teaches you to build business step by step.

Traffic generation is a process so, get the best deal from traffic secrets.

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