Your First Funnel Review 2023 | 1000 LEADS in 30 DAYS

Welcoming you all to my “Your first funnel review”. Today we will talk about your first funnel program, launched by clickfunnels and which’s idealist was Russell Brunson. 

In this review we’ll go through on:

  • What is all about your first funnel 
  • Learning outcome of the your first funnel program
  • Free bonus elements with the package
  • Whether it will come to your help or not

And a lot more. 

So let’s get down to the business

your first funnel review

What is Clickfunnels?

Clickfunnels is a marketing automation tool used by small businesses to create and manage digital marketing campaigns. It helps you design, track, measure and analyze your marketing campaigns to see which ones work best for your business.

What is a Sales Funnel?

A Sales Funnel is a marketing tool that helps businesses track and measure their sales performance. It allows managers to see where they are losing customers, identify new opportunities, and make better decisions about how to allocate their time and resources.

What Is Your First Funnel?

Your first funnel is a free of cost training program on funnel building for the newcomers who don’t have any prior knowledge on how to build funnels.

This entirely free program offers free live coaching, ClickFunnels 30-days free trial, access to free funnel templates, a “30 Days” physical book, the Funnel Hacker Cookbook, and many other training and gifts to all of its new members.

Here you will learn all the tips and tricks to build effective and great working funnels for your online business by the mastermind tutors of the topic.

Who is Russell Brunson?

Russell Brunson is an entrepreneur, business consultant, and author who has helped businesses of all sizes succeed by creating powerful sales funnel that convert leads into sales.

He is very popular all over the internet and you can find a lot of people search over internet with difference keywords like:

  • Russell Brunson – your first funnel
  • Russell Brunson Coaching
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Who Created Your First Funnel?

Your first funnel has been created by the Co-Founder and CEO of ClickFunnels, Inc. Russell Brunson, who is a business mastermind and sales funnel master.

What is the cost to build your first funnel?

Your First Funnel” costs $0.00 + $29.95 for shipping ($69.95 for shipping outside the US).

The program itself costs nothing, you’ve just to pay for the shipping.

With this value, you’ll get access to the ClickFunnels 30-day trial, 14-day live coaching, Plug ‘n’ Play, winning sales funnel templates, Headline Generator software, List Building Secrets course, 30 Days book, Funnel Hacker Cookbook, and Funnel Hacker T-Shirt shipped, and many other great gifts.

Who Is Your First Funnel Program for?

Your First Funnel program is particularly for those who haven’t created their business sales funnel yet and want to build their first funnel that can potentially generate 1,000 leads in 30 days.

Is Your First Funnel Training Scam?

Surely to say, “Your First Funnel” coaching program is not a scam.

The Co founder and CEO of clickfunnels, Russell Brunson not only owns a business gearing company, but also teaches people on how to get going with his product or software. It is a free of cost initiative of clickfunnels to teach those users who have zero knowledge about building sales funnels.

With the free training on funnel building from scratch, it’s a pretty good chance to get on with the software before buying it with cost. It’s a win-win situation for both and surely is not a scam.

Is clickfunnels Legit?

Clickfunnels is a popular all-in-one sales and marketing tool that assists businesses and entrepreneurs enhance their online revenue.

Since Clickfunnels was established in 2014, it has grown into one of the top platforms in regards to members, with over 100,000, and billions in the various currencies processed.

So, Clickfunnels is a Legit and very much popular company in the world wide.

What is 10 Minute Funnels?

A 10 minute funnels is a type of funnel that helps you to achieve your goals in a shorter amount of time. It has a number of different uses, such as helping you to focus and get started on your project, setting up a goal list, or creating a sales funnel.

Is The Your First Funnel Live Coaching Worth?

I think the “Your first funnel” live coaching program is worthy of your time and money if you are a beginner in this era. It is best suited for those who are newbie in building sales funnels and have no idea on from where to start. The first funnel course is streamlined to teach how to build sales funnels and get on with the clickfunnels software step by step.

If you join in the course and complete it, you’ll feel a lot confident and have some valuable momentum on going further with your online business.

So yeah, this free course is surely worthy of a try if you think to start from scratch and build a solid basic on how to create sales funnels and more.

Your First Funnel Review

The “Your first funnel” program UI is pretty much user friendly and easy to use.

Your first funnel program is organized in a neat and nice way, also it is easy to find everything important around.

Every training list is enlisted in one place, so easy to find.

But physical items like the 30 Days book, the Funnel Hacker Cookbook, and the Free Funnel Hacker T-Shirt will arrive later.

Now let’s take a look at what you’ll find by signing up for this free of cost training program.

What You’ll Find Inside the Your First Funnel

These are all the things you’ll get when you sign up for the Your First Funnel program:

1. ClickFunnels 30 Day Trial

Generally clickfunnels give away 14 days free trial but if you sign up for the “Your first funnel” teaching program, you will get the free trial period for double of time, 30 days.

It’s a lot of time to get used with the clickfunnels software and start building sales funnels from scratch and launch those funnels without any cost.

After signing for the “your first funnel” program, your clickfunnels account will be created automatically and the trial period of 30 days will start to count.

Your First Funnel

Looking for 100 Highly-Motivated Individuals To Partner with Me And Build Your First Funnel That Generate Atleast

2. Free 14-Day Live Coaching

From the first day to 14 consecutive days, you’ll be guided lively to create and launch your first lead funnel and start to collect up to 1,000 leads in 30 days, by the sales funnel building masters of clickfunnels team in the “Your first funnel” program.

Every day, consecutively for 14 days you’ll be taught how to start from scratch to build a funnel, daily based action plans, high level business strategies, hacks and tricks to build and kick off with your first lead funnel by the experts.

After the registration process is done, you’ll be sent a special private facebook group link where the live training of your first funnel program will take place.

In sequential order, the experts will teach you these following lessons:

  • Day #1: The Intro – Goal
  • Day #2: Coaching
  • Day #3: The Lead Magnet
  • Day #4: Coaching
  • Day #5: The Email Capture Process
  • Weekend Homework: Bonus Training
  • Day #8: Coaching
  • Day #9 The Follow-up Sequence
  • Day #10: Coaching
  • Day #11: Funnel Traffic
  • Day #12: Coaching
  • Weekend Homework: Bonus Training

For the whole two weeks, these sales funnel building masters are going to guide you on how to get started with building your first lead funnel in live classes.

3. Free ‘30 Days’ Book (Physical Copy)

Once Russell Brunson sent an email to over 100 members who were 2 Comma Club Award Winners and in that he asked all of them a question what would they do if they would suddenly lose everything they have earned.

30 of them answered to the email, explaining the process of their rebuilding from zero level, from day 1 to 30.

The 30 days book is all about their experience and method of rebuilding their business, it will teach you how to grow your business from scratch, when you have no money, no product, no list or traffic for your business.

4. Free Funnel Hacker Cookbook (Physical Copy)

You will get the funnel hacker cookbook for free with the “your first funnel” program which will guide you how to put on a sales funnel inside of clickfunnels. You will also learn how to extract the secrets of other working funnels and implement them on your own funnel.

In a word, the funnel hacker cookbook is a complete guide for a beginner to get on with creating funnels and learn funnel hacking.

5. Free Plug ‘n’ Play Sales Funnel Templates

When you start your free trial period on clickfunnels, instantly you will get access to the funnel template library which is done already by the clickfunnels professional team.

You just have to plug in your own copy and start branding.

6. Free Headline Generator Software

With the free headline generator software, you can generate headlines of your funnels without thinking much for it.

You just have to put those information and basic details of your clients and desired audience, then the headline generator will give out a proper list of headlines that you can use.

When you join the Your First Funnel program you’ll be offered to create the Funnels Scripts Lite account.

There you will have access to these tools:

  • Product Specific Avatar Tool
  • Core Headline Scripts
  • Core Title Scripts
  • Content Idea Script
  • Conversation Starter Script
  • Conversion Ad Copy Script
  • Email Copy Generator
  • Lead Capture Script
  • Niche And Offer Detective Wizard.

These are very helpful to build a sales funnel with ease. We highly recommend you to read the Review of one funnel away challenge.

7. Free ‘List Building Secrets’ Training

In the free list building secret training program, Russell Brunson teaches the proven methods and secret strategies of email list building, which is a very important part of your business to grow further.

Russell will teach you how to build an email list — starting from the sales funnel creation to creating a lead magnet to driving traffic.

After the training, there’s a 21 day list building challenge that will help you to evaluate yourself that how well you’ve done so far.

8. Tony Robbins “Private Collection”

Tony Robbins Private Collection is a collection of Tony Robbins top training and courses gathered from his experience.

In this training, you’ll learn these following to bind your business smoothly with your life:

  • Training #1: Tony’s presentation from Funnel Hacking Live.
  • Training #2: Career: Find Your True Gift.
  • Training #3: Energy For Life.
  • Training #4: Love And Passion.
  • Training #5: The Edge.
  • Training #6: Time Of Your Life.
  • Training #7: True Wealth.

9. Dan Kennedy’s “Herd Building” Training Seminar

Dan Kennedy’s “Herd Building” is one very fine presentation on business for young entrepreneurs, which worth $997.00 on their website.

But with the “Your first funnel” program, this recording is free for you to sharpen your business skills!

10. Exclusive ClickFunnels Funnel Hacker T-Shirt

You will also get a nice looking funnel hacker t-shirt for free which worth 20 dollars on the clickfunnels store.

The t-shirt looks really good and you will have it shipped for free if you join in the “Your first funnel” program!

How to Build a Lead Generation Funnel?

You may have heard the phrase, “lead generation is a 200-day process.” In reality, the process of generating leads can take anywhere from a few weeks to a month. The goal is to build a funnel that will allow you to generate more leads over time.

There are several ways to go about building your lead generation funnel. You can use lead nurturing tools or create automated processes to help you generate leads. Additionally, you can consider using email marketing campaigns and social media promotion in order to increase your lead volume.

To start, it’s important to identify your main channels of communication. If you’re only targeting online users, you’ll need a website or search engine optimization (SEO) campaign in order to generate leads through search engines.

What are the best sales funnel builder?

When it comes to sales funnel builders, there are a few different types that can be very helpful for different businesses. These builder platforms offer users customizable and user-friendly tools that make creating a successful sales funnel easy.

Some of the best sales funnel builders include:

1. Clickfunnels: Clickfunnels is one of the most popular sales funnel builder on the market because it offers users an easy-to-use interface. The platform also offers features such as email opt-ins, lead nurturing, and CRM integration.

2. is another popular sales funnel builder on the market for creating success-oriented processes. The platform offers such features as automated email campaigns, lead nurturing, and CRM integration.

3. Getresponse: Getresponse is a also a good platform that helps you connect with your audience through a range of features, including email marketing, lead nurturing, and social media engagement.

My Findings on Your First Funnel Program

Your first funnel is a great training program for newbies which offers a lot of free learning materials to master the process of building sales funnels and integrate them with your own business model.

The full program is very well and neatly organized and each learning item is explained in simple to understand them easily.

A new entrepreneur can learn a whole lot of things to master the process of sales funnel building and funnel hacking from this program.

Surely the main goal of this program is to encourage you to use the clickfunels software, but that’s not a bait for you to be get cheated by them.

It’s a win-win situation for both of you where they will charge you just the shipping fee and you will learn how to get the most out of the software and use for your business.

Last thing to say, if you are new in the era of digital marketing and online business, starting to check things out like tweaking funnels, the “Your first funnel” training program is an ideal course for you in a budget with lots of free learning stuffs!

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