What is Funnel Hacking or FunnelHacker 2022

Funnel hacking is more like a double edged sword that guys on digital marketing platform likes and doesn’t. Doing tricks and getting benefitted by it sounds cool but we also hate it when others do it to us.
You can figure out “Funnel Hacking” methods from those existing neat and nicely built funnels and don’t need to start from scratch to create an excellent and efficient sales funnel.

If you are always starting to build funnels from scratch, use mediocre level pre-built funnels or buy other costly funnels – you are not getting it right as we can surely say.
If you are doing it the wrong way, today we are here to advice you some tips of “Funnel Hacking” and why funnel hack is pretty much important, Read the Russell Brunson Funnel Hacks review in detail. Also, It’s highly recommended to join the Russell Brunson funnel hacking live program 2022.

what is funnel hacking

What is Funnel Hacking or Funnelhacker?

Funnel Hacking can be described as the process of reverse engineering or investigating and analyzing the entire sales and marketing strategy of other contenders or competitors, then duplicating it for your own business and try to test those sales and marketing methods if they perform for you or not.
If you do some research, you’ll find many highly effective sales funnel that converts a visitor into a customer a lot and gain high profit.

The main key of every successful funnel is that they try utmost to get into the consumers psychology and think like them. By this strategy, they design the whole process of alluring a visitor into a paying customer and trust to buy from them.

Here comes the opportunity for the funnel hacking, that you can imitate the key elements from an effective and efficient sales funnel.

You can borrow ideas from other working funnels and perform those changes like font, layout, colors and other stuffs on your sales funnel and make your funnel also a great one.

Going through other competitors deeply, finding their key to success and analyzing which works best for you, and then implementing it – that’s what funnel hacking is all about.

How to Funnel Hack like a Pro

First thing first, do some research and find an effective funnel that work. Those prebuilt templates in funnel building software are not that much lucrative, they are on mediocre level.

You have to be a bit choosy here and mimic a proven funnel that brings out the best to earn profit for you.

A best way to start your effective funnel searching could be from Facebook groups, go to the group of clickfunnels which is Clickfunnels (Official) and find out your desired type of funnel from there.

Go through the comments and other sections, discuss with people and figure out the conversion rate of those funnels and decide if they work for you or else.

After some study when you’ve set up your mind that you’ve found the funnel that you were looking for, go through it properly and take important notes on what you can extract from it.

At first, inspect the user experience elements like tabs, links, images, fonts, buttons, colors, headlines etc.

To uncover the secrets of marketing and sales process of a great effective funnel, you may try something different.

Such as you may give up your email address or buy a product to understand the business policy and marketing strategy, email marketing, up-selling feature, retargeting ads of that working funnel.

Once you’ve got the summary of all the things that works, then you can try to implement those changes on your own funnel.

Keep in mind that, funnel hacking is not copy-pasting others ideas, it is to figure out what ingredients works and craft it in your own.       

Your Pathway to Profit as a FunnelHacker

If you have not heard of funnel hacking and funnelhackers, you are doing it in the ordinary method and that’s not a profitable way.

Funnel hackers grab the gist from an effective working funnel and implement those on their own. These tweaking in funnels ensures high traffic and profit in a business.

That’s why funnel hacking is very important to gear up your business and cruise in a smart efficient way.

You’re just one good funnel away…

This article will help you to understand and execute funnel hacking on your own. With funnel hacking, you can build sales and marketing funnels that entice potential customers and ultimately turns them into paying customers of your service.

If you are feeling stuck with your business to how to get on, we are here to help you with the efficient way of funnel hacking. 

What Is a Marketing Funnel?

From the clickfunnels site, we come to know that, “a marketing funnel is a strategy or framework designed to turn cold prospects into long-term customers by funneling them through different stages of awareness, interest, desire, and action.”

A marketing funnel shows your customer’s site trip with you. From the very beginning when someone comes to know about your brand, to the buying stage, marketing funnels map routes to conversion and beyond.

Marketing funnels can be segmented into 3 parts:

  • Top of the funnel (ToFu)
  • Middle of the funnel (MoFu)
  • Bottom of the funnel (BoFu)

The key to an effective marketing funnel is this: Engage with and provide increasing value to your prospects throughout each stage.

Growth Hacking vs Marketing Funnel Hacking

Growth hacking is an umbrella term for finding a repeatable sales & marketing system that gears up a business’ growth. Generally it is used by the start up businesses in their early stages to have a boost in a short period of time on a limited budget. Growth hackers try to acquire users, downloads, revenues and so on as early as they can.

On the other hand, funnel hacking falls under the marketing part between the two.

A funnel hacker is more intended to have the hefty chunk of profit, a funnel is producing.

The sole difference between a growth hacker and a funnelhacker is the first person tries to grow his business further in a limited budget and the second person doesn’t care about the budget, he is obsessed with how much profit the funnel is throwing off.

Many people consider that funnel hacking is more important than growth hacking.

Lead Generation vs Marketing Funnel Hacking

Lead generation and funnel hacking goes hand in hand to flower an online or offline business.

Lead generation is all about capturing valuable information of your clients, like their email addresses, location, job, interest, contact number etc that you can use later to sell items and services to them.

And funnel hacking is the idea of what type of strategy has did the job for others to achieve profit and then apply to your own.

Email Marketing vs Marketing Funnel Hacking

It can be picturised as lead generation is the frontend of a marketing funnel and email marketing is the backend.

After you have grabbed the contact information of a visitor, then his email will be the mandatory guide through the other stages.

Likewise the growth hacking and lead generation, you should keep eye on and take down notes about what the other contenders are doing and make out your own way to run a successful email marketing campaign.

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You can be benefitted in many ways if you become a funnelhacker. No hassles of starting from scratches, waiting a long time to have profits, pondering that will your funnel work or not and many more can be minimized if you start funnel hacking. But the most important thing is you have to spend time on watching and keeping a keen eye on others working funnels, figure out what is the essence of an effective funnel and then make your own way by applying and crafting those ideas.

To finish off, if you can tirelessly do the required jobs of a good funnel hacker, you’re surely to be paid a handsome for that!   

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