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After reading this Funnel Scripts pricing guide, you’ll never want to write another sales copy again!

But, Mind that this post is mainly about “how much is funnel scripts”.


While writing content can be time-consuming and tedious for marketers who are constantly working on new projects or campaigns, a single quality piece of written work could outperform all other pieces.

No matter how many articles we have published online in the past years as owners of small businesses, one well thought out article is sure to generate more conversions than any others before it – which makes us think that once we’ve read through this funnel scripts price list our marketing efforts will improve tenfold!

funnel scripts pricing

Funnel Scripts Price or How much is funnel scripts software

Funnel Scripts will cost you $797 and provide unlimited access to all of its features, a wide selection of available scripts, and regular training. You only pay this once so there are no future payments that need to be made. That means buy the software with lifetime access.

perfect webinar secrets

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"If You Can Copy And Paste, Then You Too Can Have A Webinar That Converts!

Funnel Scripts Pricing plan – How much does funnel scripts cost?

Clickfunnels Funnel Scripts has only one pricing plan. Get all of Funnel Scripts features and bonuses for a one-time payment of only $797.

Now, you can get the Funnel Scripts software for a one-time payment of $797. Previously, it would have cost about $66/month and was only available with an annual plan.

In addition, you will get full access to all of its features and exclusive bonuses (which are worth more than $127,394).

funnel scripts $297 plan

The funnel scripts price is a little bit expensive for newbies but it’s always worth it. Just paying the one-time payment you will get access all the premium features of the funnels script for a lifetime. In 2021, without a perfect ad copy, there is little chance of getting success in the online sector.

Funnel Scripts has helped many businesses to be at par with industry standards and expectations. This software is constantly evolving, so it will always have new features for you as a writer!

The company provides customers with quality content for an affordable price of $297 dollars – but there was also another option at just $497! The parent company Etison LLC is still experimenting to find out which pricing strategy yields results and currently has no plans to settle down on one choice as yet. Although money may be important when it comes to choosing Funnel Scripts; you should think about what really matters: the customer testimonials from people who give their seal of approval regarding its services along with value received through using this product.”

I do not think it is worth spending a few extra bucks if you can use e-commerce software that gets the desired conversion. This will be one of my secrets to success, and I know for sure this works because I tried using Funnel Scripts before.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

In order to develop compelling copy that is relevant for target audiences and drives conversions or sales Funnel Scripts permit you to attain suitable draft scripts.

In order for a sales copy to appeal to the intended audience, it must be focused on their problems and concerns. The user requirements are used as an outline by which one can create content that addresses those needs in creative ways.

Is There Any Type Of Funnel Scripts Deal?

Once again:

The answer is YES!

Only a few people know about this offer.


You can also receive Funnel Scripts as a bonus when you purchase Funnel Builder Secrets.

Check out the big picture down below:

funnel scripts pricing

Do you see the last part on the bottom?

12 Months Access To Funnel Scripts

Not too shabby right?

If you would like to see it for yourself, I’ve included a link below. Click on it and check out the Funnel Builder Secrets checkout page!

So let’s finish up this post now.

Shall we?

Funnel Scripts

We know that just typing away facts for 1000+ words and calling it a copy won’t cut. A good book has to have engaging stories, images that are easy for your mind to connect with, and of course emotions.

This is what Funnel Scripts excel at.

The process of writing a high converting sales letter, webinar copy, Facebook ad, and email script requires patience and practice. Therefore, Funnel Script comes to the rescue with its copy-generating SaaS platform by popular marketing experts like Jim Edwards and Russel Brunson to make it a product under Click Funnels. Clear-cut copy is rolling in for people like you and me. We can enjoy the benefits of this draft by filling it out!

Copywriting is a profession where you have to understand your audience better than they do themselves and use that understanding to unleash your inner copywriter without breaking years of professional training. With this mindset, you can sit on the couch in pajamas sipping coffee while writing an excellent piece within minutes instead of spending years perfecting it.

Funnel Scripts is a software company that provides an all-inclusive, customizable solution to help automate your business. It’s actually not affiliated with ClickFunnels as many people think—it’s just one of the best options available for those looking to get into automation and wants something customizable.

How The Funnel Copywriting Software Works

Setup is quick and easy as the software can be accessed by creating an account on its website. The dashboard provides a platform to enter details of your offer along with questions asked by the system using check boxes, radio buttons, or drop down menus before hitting the “Submit” button for completing the setup process.

It features training videos, a downloadable wizard, and an online community that ensures your satisfaction with the work done by professionals who have mastered the art of writing on any topic imaginable.

The scriptwriters include content generation for:

  • Email copy
  • Sales copy
  • E-commerce
  • Video sales letter
  • Brunson bullet scripts
  • Call to action scripts
  • Special Offer scripts
  • Ad copy
  • PPT Optin scripts for video
  • OTO Next Thing scripts

You name it!

Funnel Scripts is a software plugin for ClickFunnels that allows you to create high converting marketing funnels in under 30 minutes.

Can You Get Funnel Scripts for $297?

Funnel Scripts originally started out as a $297 deal, but with consistently high results and advancements, they’ve raised the price up to over double that.

Funnel Scripts Pricing Conclusion

Hope you found the software pricing guide helpful and informative

All-in-all, Funnel Scripts can be your key to unlocking the best copy ever written; however, there is a slightly grey area in their pricing strategies. The current version of $297 offers less than half that of its future price tag at $797 and does not offer any special bonuses or discounts for signing up early.

As long as you are fine with that, nothing can stop your business from enjoying the convenience of professionally written copy and scripts to help get it closer to its goals.

Frequently Asked Questions on Funnel Scripts main Pricing

How much is Funnel Scripts?

The best funnel scripts are worth every penny! For just $797 you get lifetime access to our DotcomSecrets Scripts, Expert Secrets Scripts, and more.

Funnels scripts pricing plan for $297 still available?

The first Funnel Scripts only cost $297, but then the funnel scripts changed to a yearly pricing of $497. Now, $297 plan is no more available.

Is there a monthly pricing option?

Today, there is no monthly pricing plan option available for the software. You can only pay $797 for lifetime access with all future updates.

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