How to Create a Landing Page in Clickfunnels?

What is a landing page? Nowadays, business owners prefer to flourish their business in a versatile manner and one of the best way to do this is to bring their business on the online platform. So most businesses are now going online to grow further and earn profit from more sales.

If you are a business owner and trying to establish your business on the online platform, then you have to build a website firstly.

But to achieve your main goal of business, which is selling your products or services, you do need to create a page on your website which is called “Landing Page”, that collects all the important data and information of your site visitors to build the database.

A good thing to be noted here is that, a website homepage is not a landing page. Specially a homepage have navigating option that a landing page don’t have. Again, a homepage visitor comes from many different sources but a landing page traffic comes only from ads on the web. Landing pages only have a single goal which is converting online traffic and potential buyers into valuable customers, it is known as a call to action (or CTA, in short).

Digital marketing defines, a landing page is a standalone web page which is specifically built for marketing campaigns.

This is where an eager visitor “lands” after they click on a link in an email, or ads from Google, Bing, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, other social sites or similar places on the internet.

Landing page is a portion of a sales funnel, it is a step of the full funnel where the conversion from site visitors to customers happen.

If you use clickfunnels for your business to grow more, then they can cover you up to build awesome landing page with their etison drag and drop landing page editor. To build a successful sales funnel you can join the Clickfunnels one funnel away challenge.

Today we will talk about how to create a landing page in clickfunnels.

You can do the job of landing page building in just 4 easy steps.

Here are those steps in short:

  • Create a new funnel for the landing page
  • Choose a template
  • Customize your landing page
  • Customize the thank you page

So let’s get down to the business on how to create a landing page with clickfunnels landing page editor.

How to create a landing page in clickfunnels

How to Create a Landing Page

Step 1# Create a new funnel for the landing page

  1. Get logged in to your clickfunnels account
  2. From the right top, click on “add new” to add a new funnel
  3. On the right side, you will see “classic funnel builder”
  4. From the bottom of “classic funnel builder”, select “create new funnel”
  5. From the pop up window, select your goal
  6. Firstly for now, choose “collect emails” funnel type
  7. Then enter your sales funnel name and select group tag
  8. After that, select “landing pages” and click on “build funnel”
  9. Once done, you have successfully created a basic funnel in clickfunnels which will include two funnel steps, an Email landing page or namely Opt-in page and a thank you page.

Step 2# Choose a Template

  1. From your created sales funnel, hover on the left sidebar and click on “Opt-in”
  2. Find the best match from the available options of pre built templates to choose the right one that suits your business
  3. Click “Select Template” on the intended template to customize it furthermore.

Step 3# Customize your landing page

  1. Click on the “edit page” button to customize with the clickfunnels drag and drop landing page editor
  2. From the landing page editor, navigate over any content to change or edit, such as properties, adding new elements, deleting any element and more of your landing page
  3. Here you can customize the landing page as you wish like editing header, sub header, adding images, logos, change background image or color, adjust font and size etc.

Step 4# Customize the thank you page

After creating and customizing the Email landing page or namely Opt-in page, then you can design a friendly thank you page for your customers.

After dealing with your opt-in page, then the new clients will land on or be directed to a thank you page.

The Thank-you page will contain further steps like a simple request to check the email inbox, a link to a delivery tracker or more.

The customizing process of a thank you page is all similar to the earlier opt-in page editing method.

Choose the best template that suits you and edit all the texts and layouts from there. Thing to be noted here is that, the templates are fully customizable. That means you can edit that thank you page to look like as you wish.

That’s how you will end up with creating a nice and friendly Thank you page.

So we have covered up shortly on how to create a landing page in clickfunnels and hope that it will come to your help a bit or more.

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