ClickFunnels $37 plan - the Real Truth 2023

There are many articles that claim to tell readers about the $37 ClickFunnels plan, but these aren’t accurate. They don’t give all of the details or limits in order for people to know what they’re really getting when paying this price.

With our research, we discovered that ClickFunnels is a legitimate company and has an interesting business model. We also found some helpful resources on their website to help us with our inquiry. Want to know what’s this clickfunnels $37 deal all about? Let us introduce you with the information.

We also cover two plans offered by ClickFunnels that aren’t too expensive. Both of these contain more features than the $37 option did and will be more valuable to your company regardless of which one you choose.

clickfunnels $37 plan

ClickFunnels $37 Plan

The $37 plan was never an actual product, but rather a workaround. Clickfunnels $37 deal is no longer available to users.

ClickFunnels added a feature in the form of an upsell strategy to keep clients. If someone who was already paying for their plan or testing out a free trial canceled, ClickFunnels gave them this offer as part of their special deal.

The plan had a 5,000-page view cap and only allowed users to build five funnels and 20 pages.

The cheapest plan of ClickFunnels is $97 and it contains all the necessary features for building sales funnels.

How to Get Clickfunnels $37 Plan

As the clickfunnels personal plan $37 is no longer available right now, but we can only advise what steps users had to take previously:

  1. Sign-up for a ClickFunnels Free Trial.
  2. Select the “Settings” menu. Go to “Account Billing” and you can cancel your account.
  3. After making a existing clickfunnels plan cancellation request, they provided a downsell offer of $37 to keep users signed up.
  4. Accept the $37 per month offer.

Alternatives of $37 ClickFunnels Plan

Click funnels $37 price looks tempting, but you should invest in a clickfunnels plan with more features. This will allow your business to scale as it grows and develop new opportunities for expansion.

Clickfunnels has a variety of plans but there are two which stand out: the Basic plan at $97 per month and the OFA Platinum 6-month Challenge for $166.16/month.

Don’t miss out on the Basic plan, as it allows users to build up 20 funnels and 100 pages. For those who pay annually, this works out at only $80 per month!

The OFA Challenge (Platinum) is an amazing deal. If you pay six months upfront, it gives you unlimited funnels, visitors to your site or blog posts per month for all of those six months and also includes training material that helps new users learn the ropes fast.

What You Get For $37 ClickFunnels Plan

Unfortunately, this plan has been discontinued.

Although the pricing aspect is great and cheaper than ClickFunnels’ more expensive plans, there were downsides.

The Clickfunnels 37 USD plan was not scalable and could only work for any type of tiny campaign. With the limitation of 5,000 visitors to your page, you were able to build five funnels with 20 pages on each funnel at most.

ClickFunnels offers several different pricing plans that suit your budget.

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How do I get $19 on ClickFunnels?

In 2019, The company announced that the Clickfunnels $19 funnel plan would be discontinued and shuttered in favor of the latest Click Funnels pricing or find out the best plan from Clickfunnels $297 and $297 comparison.

Clickfunnels Discount Offers

Clickfunnels offer different discounted pricing in different times. But there are some bundle offers that help you to get a Clickfunnels Discount.

Over to You

Sometimes, you might offer a hesitant prospect an alternative product that is lower in price. Never give up on closing the sale!

ClickFunnels attempted to offer a lower-priced option with the limitations of their plan.

It made logical sense for ClickFunnels to offer a cheaper plan because it would save their customers money and help the company retain clients.

Recent reports of a $37 plan being offered are false. Scams and misinformation have been rampant online lately, so we want to make sure that you know the offer is not real or legitimate in any way.

It is clear that your money could be used in a more efficient manner by either of the payment plans we have mentioned above.

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