The 3 Best Clickfunnels Backpack Alternatives 2023

Affiliate marketing is a powerful way to grow your business online. Clickfunnels Backpack lets you create your own affiliate programs, which means that you don’t have to depend on companies like Clickbank or ShareASale for your business. Clickfunnels allows you to customize commission plans and design an Affiliate Area for promoters. There are many Clickfunnels Backpack alternatives that offer similar features, but they won’t be as easy to use as Clickfunnels’ native feature.

1. Tapfiliate

Tapfiliate - The Best Backpack Alternative

Tapfiliate offers a basic but all-inclusive suite of features. The intuitive, modern-looking dashboard of this commission management system makes it easy to create affiliate programs for physical or digital products online.

It does not have dedicated tracking links but it integrates with Google Analytics and other similar services to make the job easier.

Same as in Clickfunnels Backpack, you can add banners, codes, and other promotional materials to your affiliate area for marketers. Unlike with the branding issue of a backpack though – there is no need here because this program doesn’t allow it!

One of its best features is real-time reporting options, which will present you properly sorted numbers right away:

Tapfiliate useful feature is coupon code management, Which makes it a perfect platform for business owners & Affiliate marketers too.

You can also use dynamic affiliate codes and reward existing affiliates by giving them higher commissions:

You can create different accounts with different commission plans for your affiliates.

Tapfiliate also offers nice cross-promotion features, which is always a great way of generating more revenue from the existing traffic you have on your site(s) via other Tapfiliate sites or networks.

They provide banners but I would suggest you use their API to create cross-promotions since the banner codes they provide are not optimal for most sites.

Their network is very limited right now but I hope they will grow it in the future.

Overall, Tapfiliate has nice affiliate tracking features and some great extras that put them above other similar services.

And finally, Developer responsiveness is good. The Tapfiliate team offers quick support for any of your needs.

Pricing: Essential plan cost ($69/mo) & Pro plan cost (149$/mo)

If you are looking for a Clickfunnels Backpack alternative, the Tapfiliate might be just what you need.
The 14-day trial allows prospective customers to see if this is an effective program that will meet their needs and provide them with all of these features before committing any money or time to it!

2. FirstPromoter

FirstPromoter - clickfunnels backpack alternative
FirstPromoter - Backpack Alternative

To make your affiliate Business successful, it is important to choose the best affiliate management software for your business.

FirstPromoter is a cloud-based and platform which means it can be accessed simultaneously by multiple users on different locations. It delivers an easy way to manage affiliate programs of many merchants at the same time.

FirstPromoter is a platform that makes managing affiliate programs easy and efficient. If you are looking for Clickfunnels backpack alternatives then we recommend you visit this website.

There are many affiliate management software available in the market but FirstPromoter is widely used by many merchants due to its unique features. Features are as follows…

FirstPromoter has proven to be a valuable tool in the world of SaaS affiliate marketing. With features that are both powerful and easy-to-use, First Promotor is perfect for any company looking to grow their business with successful affiliate programs!

FirstPromoter has all the tools to keep track of your subscriptions. It can adjust commissions for billing events like upgrades or refunds, and it knows how to handle expired credit cards too!

Tap into the power of personalized referral links and coupon codes by joining FirstPromoter.

FirstPromoter has a variety of features that are perfect for running an online business. For example, it allows you to manage VAT and non-VAT invoices as well as affiliate payouts which are required in Europe – not just the US!

Pricing: Starter plan: $49/mo (up to $5,000/month from affiliates); Business plan: $99/mo (up to $15,000/month from affiliates); Enterprise plan: $149+/mo (over $15,000/month from affiliates)

The free 14-day trial provides a great way to test the platform and making your choice.

3. Paykickstart

Paykickstart - Clickfunnels Backpack Alternative
Paykickstart - Backpack Alternative

You can also use Paykickstart, if you want a Backpack alternative.

Paykickstart is a unique, innovative, and cutting-edge affiliate management platform that also provides an incredible checkout experience.

Paykickstart can help you with different types of billing and payments. Here’re a few examples…

You can easily set up free and paid trials by going to your account settings.
Accept credit/debit cards, PayPal or bank wires. We also accept Apple Pay for those who want to pay with their phone in addition!
You can choose from a variety of flexible pricing options, including flat rates and packages that offer discounts for repeat customers of you want.
Maintaining your customers’ billing information is a vital part of providing excellent service. Handle billing changes (reactivations, upgrades, cancellations)
Send reminders to your customers about the card expiration date, end of trial and more.
Paykickstart offers all the basic features you may need to manage your affiliate marketing campaign.

Affiliates are the lifeblood of any affiliate program. You can pay your promoters different commission rates for each lead and sale.

Each affiliate has their own login area where they can find a variety of resources. With Paykickstart it’s even easier to run contests and track your rank on the leaderboard, with real-time updates about how well you are doing!

You can also save time and money with Paykickstart’s invoicing solution, which automatically creates beautiful-looking invoices for you. You’ll be able to charge VAT on all of your sales in addition as well as capture W9/W8 forms from affiliate partners!

Pricing: Starter plan: $99/mo of revenue; Growth Plan: $199/mo of revenue; Scale: $299/mo of revenue

Clickfunnels Backpack Affiliate

Clickfunnels backpack affiliate

ClickFunnels Backpack has all the features you need, so why would anyone want to use alternatives? Some reasons:

  • Backpack support USD currency at the moment.
  • It’s easy to create a commission plan and then you can’t delete it!
  • Clickfunnels that will display any logos or copyright information in all of their respective areas for affiliates to use when promoting products on other sites as well!

In addition, if an affiliate promotes different products and has access to a few affiliate dashboards built with Clickfunnels Backpack they may have issues when switching between them.

The last point to consider is that the Backpack feature only comes with a Platinum plan. It’s priced at $297/mo for this level of service, which may be too expensive if you don’t use all its functions and features.

Clickfunnels Platinum plan is a great option for those who want an all-inclusive package. However, if you only need Backpack and don’t mind paying extra then it’s worth going with ClickFunnels Plus or Corporate Funnel Pro

Only interested in purchasing the Backpack module from click funnels platinum plan? The alternatives are better anyways so get them instead!

Clickfunnels for Entrepreneurs

ClickFunnels is one of the most popular sales funnel builders on the earth. ClickFunnels uses a unique system called “funnel hacking” to help their customers grow their businesses by using highly optimized sales pages, lead magnets, and landing pages that are designed to get customers to take an action.

What is affiliate marketing software?

Affiliate marketing software is a great way for advertisers to grow, track and manage their affiliate campaigns. The goal of the affiliates in charge is not only to generate traffic or sales on their own site but also earn commissions based on them too!

Summary on Clickfunnels Backpack Alternative

ClickFunnels Backpack is a great tool for managing affiliate programs. However, it does have some disadvantages and alternatives that you should consider before using the product yourself or recommending them to others!

FirstPromoter and Tapfiliate make it easy to manage your affiliate program in a way that suits you best.

FirstPromoter is also a great way to manage subscriptions, especially if you have SaaS. It can track how many people are subscribed and adjust commissions accordingly based on billing events!

Paykickstart offers both affiliate management and checkout solutions you can integrate with Clickfunnels.

All the Clickfunnels Backpack alternatives offer a free 14-day trial so you can test the software and decide if it’s right for you.

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