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I always wanted to find a guide when I was starting out. It would have been helpful if there were ClickFunnels for Dummies books or something like sales funnels for dummies!

Unfortunately, that’s not available currently because (sales funnel or clickfunnels for dummies) it was discontinued a long time ago.

I found the next best thing after a lot of research and testing!

After you get past the initial learning curve, it’s easier to use. More than just a simple platform with a few built-in tools, this software has all of the features your business needs in order to be successful and competitive in today’s market!

Success is all about putting the right things in place, and that’s where ClickFunnels comes into play. If you have a marketing business that needs to turn more customers or leads into clients, then this affordable funnel builder software will become your new best friend!

What is Clickfunnels?

What is ClickFunnels? That’s what you’re asking, right? The answer has been debated for centuries. Some experts say it’s a marketing software that uses technology to convert visitors into customers through lead capture pages and email sequencing features while others believe the word means an online sales funnel in which people are directed by page content from one clickable link or advertisement to another until they reach a conversion goal such as free registration, download of product information guidebook, request more info form submission etcetera.

But the simplest definition by themselves is:

ClickFunnels is an online web page and funnel builder that helps businesses sell their own products and services on the internet.

ClickFunnels is a marketing tool designed to help entrepreneurs with no funnel knowledge grow their business. It’s the perfect solution for those who are struggling with sales because it not only helps you create funnels, but also provides training and support that will give your company an edge in the digital age.

  • Promote Clickfunnels as an affiliate
  • You can sell your courses with ClickFunnels
  • Host webinars and online events
  • Offer funnel building services
  • Sell physical products or do dropshipping
  • Sell coaching and consultations
    And lots more…

As you can see, ClickFunnels is a very simple and easy-to-learn tool. It’s perfect for beginners who want to make money online but don’t know where to start!

Your First Funnel

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Clickfunnels for Dummies – How Does it Works?

ClickFunnels is a popular software platform that helps businesses create and manage sales funnels. A sales funnel is a series of steps that guide potential customers through the buying process, from initial awareness to making a purchase. ClickFunnels simplifies the process of creating effective sales funnels, even for individuals who may not have technical or coding skills. Here’s a simplified explanation of how it works:

  • Building Funnels for Dummies: With ClickFunnels, even beginners can create different types of sales funnels easily. Whether you’re a marketing novice or lack technical skills, ClickFunnels provides pre-designed templates and a simple drag-and-drop editor to customize and build your funnel pages without any coding knowledge.
  • Landing Pages for Dummies: Starting a sales funnel begins with a landing page—a standalone web page designed to capture visitors’ attention. ClickFunnels offers user-friendly templates and an intuitive editor, making it a breeze for Dummies to create professional-looking landing pages quickly. These pages aim to collect visitors’ information, such as name and email address, by offering something valuable in return (like a free ebook or a discount code).
  • Sales Pages for Dummies: ClickFunnels guides Dummies to the next step in the funnel, which often involves a sales page. Sales pages are specifically designed to showcase your product or service, highlight its benefits, and convince visitors to make a purchase. ClickFunnels provides Dummies with templates and tools to create compelling sales pages without any technical expertise.
  • Order Forms and Checkout for Dummies: When a prospect decides to buy your product or service, ClickFunnels enables Dummies to easily create order forms and checkout pages. These pages securely collect payment information and process transactions. ClickFunnels integrates with popular payment gateways, ensuring a seamless and secure checkout experience for Dummies and their customers.
  • Upsells and Downsells for Dummies: ClickFunnels allows Dummies to offer additional products or upgrades after the initial purchase. Known as upsells and downsells, these offers can help increase the average order value. Within the funnel, Dummies can set up these offers and guide customers through a sequence of relevant offers to maximize their sales potential.
  • Email Marketing and Follow-up for Dummies: ClickFunnels integrates with popular email marketing platforms, allowing Dummies to capture leads and follow up with them through automated email sequences. This feature helps Dummies nurture relationships with potential customers, build trust, and encourage them to make a purchase.
  • Analytics and Split Testing for Dummies: ClickFunnels provides analytics and tracking features to monitor funnel performance. Dummies can easily track metrics like conversion rates, click-through rates, and sales data to optimize their funnels. Additionally, ClickFunnels enables Dummies to perform split testing, comparing different variations of their pages to determine which ones perform better and generate more results.

Overall, ClickFunnels is a user-friendly platform that simplifies the process of creating and managing sales funnels for Dummies. By offering intuitive tools, templates, and integration capabilities, ClickFunnels helps Dummies streamline their marketing and sales processes, generate leads, and convert them into happy customers.

ClickFunnels for Dummies: How do I use it?

Using ClickFunnels is straightforward, even for beginners. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use ClickFunnels for Dummies:

  • Sign up and Log in for Dummies: Visit the ClickFunnels website and sign up for an account. Once you’ve registered, log in to your ClickFunnels dashboard as a Dummy.
  • Choose a Funnel Template for Dummies: ClickFunnels provides a wide range of pre-designed funnel templates specifically designed for Dummies. Browse through the templates and select the one that best suits your goals and business needs as a Dummy. The templates are categorized based on different types of funnels, such as lead generation, product launch, webinar, and more, tailored for Dummies.
  • Customize Your Funnel as a Dummy: After selecting a template, ClickFunnels will guide you to the funnel editor for Dummies. Here, you can customize your funnel pages according to your preferences as a Dummy. The editor has a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, allowing even Dummies to easily add, remove, or rearrange elements on your pages. You can modify text, images, colors, and other design elements to match your brand as a Dummy.
  • Set Up Pages for Dummies: ClickFunnels typically includes multiple pages in a funnel for Dummies, such as a landing page, sales page, order form, and thank-you page. Customize each page by adding relevant content, including compelling headlines, product descriptions, images, and videos tailored for Dummies. Use the editor to optimize the layout and design of each page to attract Dummy customers.
  • Connect Payment Gateway as a Dummy: If you, as a Dummy, plan to sell products or services through your funnel, you’ll need to integrate a payment gateway. ClickFunnels supports various payment gateways, such as Stripe and PayPal, which Dummies can easily connect. Follow the simple instructions provided by ClickFunnels to connect your preferred payment gateway as a Dummy, allowing you to collect payments from Dummy customers.
  • Set Up Email Automation for Dummies: ClickFunnels integrates seamlessly with popular email marketing platforms, enabling Dummies to capture leads and automate follow-up sequences. Integrate your preferred email marketing tool, such as Mailchimp or AWeber, and create email sequences to nurture leads and guide them through your funnel. Automating emails will make it easier for Dummies to engage with potential customers.
  • Test and Publish for Dummies: Before launching your funnel as a Dummy, it’s crucial to test all the pages and processes to ensure everything is functioning correctly. Use ClickFunnels’ testing tools specifically designed for Dummies to preview your funnel, fill out forms, and simulate the customer journey. Once you, as a Dummy, are satisfied with the results, click the Publish button to make your funnel live and start driving traffic to it.
  • Monitor and Optimize for Dummies: After your funnel is live as a Dummy, monitor its performance using ClickFunnels’ analytics dashboard. Track key metrics such as conversion rates, traffic sources, and sales data to understand how your funnel is performing as a Dummy. Use this valuable data to identify areas for improvement and make necessary adjustments to optimize your funnel for better results, specifically tailored for Dummies.

Remember, ClickFunnels offers extensive documentation, tutorials, and customer support specifically for Dummies. Don’t hesitate to explore these resources if you, as a Dummy, need additional guidance or have specific questions while using ClickFunnels.

1: Use Click Funnels to sell anything or your existing offline business or expertise

ClickFunnels can be used to sell various products or services, including your existing offline business or expertise. Here’s how you can use ClickFunnels for Dummies to sell anything:

  • Identify Your Offer: Determine what product or service you want to sell. It can be a physical product, digital product, online course, consulting service, or any other expertise you have.
  • Create a Compelling Offer Page: In ClickFunnels, create a landing page or offer page that highlights the benefits and features of your product or service. Use persuasive copywriting and engaging visuals to capture the attention of your potential customers.
  • Build a Sales Funnel: Design a sales funnel that guides your potential customers through the buying process. A typical sales funnel includes a series of pages, such as a landing page, sales page, order form, and thank-you page.
  • Craft a Sales Page: Create a sales page within your funnel that provides detailed information about your product or service. Explain how it solves a problem or meets a need for your customers. Use testimonials, case studies, and persuasive language to build trust and convince visitors to make a purchase.
  • Set Up Order Forms and Checkout: Use ClickFunnels to create order forms and checkout pages where customers can provide their payment information and complete the purchase. ClickFunnels integrates with popular payment gateways, allowing you to securely process transactions.
  • Offer Upsells or Add-ons: Maximize your revenue by offering upsells or add-ons during the checkout process. These can be complementary products or services that enhance the customer’s experience or provide additional value. ClickFunnels allows you to easily add these offers to your sales funnel.
  • Integrate Email Marketing: Connect ClickFunnels with an email marketing platform to capture leads and follow up with potential customers. Set up automated email sequences that provide valuable information, address common objections, and encourage them to complete the purchase.
  • Drive Traffic to Your Funnel: Once your sales funnel is set up, you need to drive traffic to it. Utilize various marketing strategies such as social media advertising, search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, paid ads, or email marketing to attract potential customers to your funnel.
  • Track and Optimize: Use ClickFunnels analytics and tracking features to monitor the performance of your funnel. Track important metrics such as conversion rates, click-through rates, and revenue generated. Analyze the data and make necessary adjustments to optimize your funnel for better results.

Remember to continually test and refine your funnel based on customer feedback and market trends. ClickFunnels provides a user-friendly interface and a range of tools to help you sell your products or services efficiently, regardless of whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned marketer.

Sales funnel for Real estate, funnels for restaurants business are god fit with online sales funnel. There are thousands of people worldwide who uses sales funnel for getting customer to their business.

2. Start promoting ClickFunnels as an affiliate

Yes, this is an exciting time for you! You’ve just learned how to make money with ClickFunnels, and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

This was the very way I started making money with ClickFunnels.

The affiliate marketing program I was a part of didn’t make any money from the software itself. As someone without my own product or services to sell, there was nothing left for me but to learn about and market this piece of software as an affiliate myself in order to earn some revenue with it.

The ClickFunnels Affiliates program is a great way to get started in the affiliate marketing world.

To make a commission on your ClickFunnels affiliate links, first sign up for the Affiliate Bootcamp course here. This training will teach you how to optimize and drive traffic towards these accounts so that you can start making money right away!

The affiliate Bootcamp is on my list of favorite courses because it has wonderful features that I enjoy.

If you’re interested in affiliate marketing, it doesn’t get any better than this. Unlike many advanced courses that cost money to enroll, they are offering our course for free!

Personally, I use blogging and SEO to promote ClickFunnels by promoting a little bit of funnels.

If you’re not the blogging or writing type, no problem! You can still promote your affiliate links by doing ClickFunnels related videos on YouTube.

Sales Funnel for Dummies: Frequently asked Questions

What is Sales funnel and how does it work?

Clickfunnels or Sales funnel is an all-inclusive marketing system that assists entrepreneurs in building lead funnels, generating leads, handling automation, creating memberships and managing affiliates. Sales funnel also helps to process payments and sales by converting more visitors into customers while increasing conversions on the whole.

Is the Sales funnel for dummies easy to use?

Sales funnel is a powerful marketing platform that makes it easier for someone with no technical knowledge to build, manage and optimize their own sales funnel. My personal experience using this software has been great so far.

Is ClickFunnels worth the money?

Clickfunnels Starter plan costs $97 per month and includes access to all live sessions, webinars, lessons from the course library. The Platinum package costs $297 per month and also allows you unlimited one-on-one time with your instructor as well as other benefits detailed in a separate page on our website.

A beginner might find these plans too expensive, but it all depends on what you’re looking to achieve with the software.

To build a full suite of tools that integrate with your business, you’d have to pay over $1,000 in monthly subscriptions.

Is there an annual plan for ClickFunnels?

Get 2 free months of ClickFunnels when you upgrade or buy a year’s subscription.

Want to be more productive this year? Click here for a clickfunnels discount plan and save money!

How do I get started with ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels is a sales funnel builder that allows you to create funnels for your business. In order get started, all users are given the 14 days free trial so they can test out their platform and see if it works well with what they’re doing.

Can you make money with ClickFunnels?

The answer is yes: if you have a business to build on it.

Who needs sales funnel?

Business owners who need to market, sell, and deliver their products or any type of service online without hassle should consider sales funnels.

Do I need a website for ClickFunnels?

No, you don’t.

With ClickFunnels, every page and funnel built is designed to take visitors from the awareness stage all the way through purchase.

Is ClickFunnels a pyramid scheme?

You might be thinking that ClickFunnels is an MLM company, but it’s not. It’s a marketing platform with many tools to help you grow your business online using sales funnels.

What is better than ClickFunnels?

Have you considered Kartra and GrooveFunnels? You might find them both helpful for your business.

Is there a free version of Click Funnels?

Unfortunately, there is no free version of ClickFunnels available at this time.

You can get started with the 14 days free trial and extend it to a 30 day plan if you require support or have not provided payment info.

How do I cancel the ClickFunnels subscription?

To stop using your ClickFunnels account, click on “cancel my account” within settings.

Does Click Funnels integrate with PayPal?

Yes, ClickFunnels is compatible with the PayPal payment gateway to enable you to receive and process payments from your funnels.


In conclusion, ClickFunnels for Dummies is a game-changer in the world of online sales and marketing. With its user-friendly interface, drag-and-drop editor, and pre-designed templates, ClickFunnels empowers beginners and those without technical expertise to create effective and visually appealing sales funnels. Whether you’re a newbie entrepreneur, a small business owner, or an expert in your field, ClickFunnels provides a simplified and accessible platform to showcase your products, services, or expertise. The integration options, split testing capabilities, and scalability of ClickFunnels ensure that Dummies can adapt and optimize their funnels as their business grows. With the support of training materials and a vibrant community, ClickFunnels equips Dummies with the tools and knowledge to generate leads, convert customers, and drive sales. ClickFunnels for Dummies levels the playing field and opens up endless possibilities for success in the online marketplace.

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