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Sales Funnel for Physical Product

The sales funnel is a marketing concept that helps marketers and entrepreneurs understand the conversion process. It can be applied to any type of business, but we’re going to focus on sales funnel for physical product for this post. The sales funnel is an easy way to visualize what happens between when someone first comes into contact with your physical  product and when they actually purchase it.

You’ll learn how to create a sales funnel that is easy for your customers and converts well.

This is an in-depth blog post, but by the end of this article, you’ll be able to set up a cheap sales funnel that works. Let’s get started!

What is a physical product sales funnel

How do you get people on board with what your company has made for them? One approach is through a physical product sales funnel. The process starts by guiding those interested in the products, and then moves onto acquisition until they are ready to make their purchase decision at any time of day or night!

Building an online physical product sales funnel for your business helps you map the buyer’s journey and identify what steps are needed at each stage.

sales funnel for physical products
Photo Credit Clickfunnels

How Does Physical Product Sales Funnel Work?

Building an online physical product sales funnel for your business helps you map the buyer’s journey and identify what steps need to be taken at each stage.

The stages are into four:

  • Awareness: Your physical product or brand attracts customer attention via lead magnets. Lead magnets are a great way to get people in the door, but they’re just the beginning of what you need for success!
  • Interest: Prospects’ interests are aroused
  • Desire: The desire to buy is created when you market and advertise. A successful business relies on creating customer desires.
  • Action: The clients finally converts or buys the product, and then they experience a positive result!
    In the world of business, every customer goes through a process.

As a Physical product seller, if you want to optimize your funnel for maximum results then it’s imperative that as an entrepreneur or company owner understand the different stages of sales and how they impact conversion.

Knowing which areas of your business are most impactful to conversions allows you the opportunity for improvement.

How ClickFunnels Works for Physical Product Sales Funnel

A ClickFunnels funnel is an excellent tool for selling physical products online.

ClickFunnels offers a number of pre-built templates and an easy-to-use drag-and-drop web editor. You don’t need coding experience because they’ve got everything laid out for you in their template maker, so all that’s left up to do is fill in the blanks!

You can get your visitors excited about the products you have to offer by creating funnels that guide them through a series of marketing actions.

ClickFunnels is a complete suite of tools for digital marketing that includes funnels to help you sell products, acquire customers and nurture them. It also helps automate your campaigns so it will be easy!

The old route of advertising and selling your physical products via flyers, business cards or insert ads in the newspaper is becoming less popular.

The so-called ‘website’ or ‘online stores’ are a waste of time and money.

ClickFunnels provides a variety of tools and resources to help marketers send prospects directly into their desired outcome.


You can collect their contact details, channel them to the main offer and upsell or down-sell based on how you want. Present an order bump that leaves a lasting impression on your customer!

When someone doesn’t convert, send them back to your funnel for a second pass.

That’s a physical product sales funnel in a few words.

In summary:
  • Build out your physical product sales funnel using ClickFunnels
  • Send customer to a lead magnet or low-cost product
  • Offer an upsell to your expensive (main physical product) with a bump offer
  • Offer them another upsell that compliments the first physical product (with a downsell option)
  • Thank-you page/confirm the order
  • Follow-up via email
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ClickFunnels for Physical Product Funnel Templates

ClickFunnels provides an easy way to create a physical product sales funnel with just one click. They have templates that you can use, so all of your information is already there!

Physical Product sales funnel template #1:

Free plus shipping funnel

Physical Product sales funnel template #2:

Tripwire funnel

Why would ClickFunnels work for your Physical Product?

ClickFunnels is a comprehensive software that provides everything you need to market and sell your products.

What is the best part about this system? You don’t need a team of experts! With Funnel Maker, anyone with an internet connection can easily design their own online marketing funnels in just minutes. Sales funnels for dummies are also a great choice that many people prefer to start with. 

It comprises of the below software and functions:

1/ Huge software integrations

ClickFunnels is a set of tools for marketing your products that connects with the right online platform.

For businesses who sell physical products, ClickFunnels offers the perfect platform to incorporate other third-party apps.

Some of the popular ones include:

ClickFunnels payment gateways integrations:

  • Stripe
  • PayPal
  • Clickbank
  • InfusionSoft CRM
  • Ontraport
  • Authorize net
  • JVZoo
  • NMI
  • Recurly
  • WarriorPlus

With a few clicks, you can have various options that will enable buyers and sellers in the market to transact physical products business with ease!

ClickFunnels email autoresponder integrations:

ClickFunnels offers a range of services that allow you to manage your email marketing and automation efforts more efficiently.

  • ActiveCampaign
  • GetResponse (Getresponse is popular in beginners for free autofunnel, you can check the following checklist between getresponse autofunnel vs Popular Clickfunnels).
  • ConvertKit
  • MailChimp
  • AWeber
  • Constant Contact
  • Drip
  • Ontraport
  • MadMimi
  • Market Hero
  • SendLane
  • Keap
  • HubSpot

Other integrations include:

  • Shipping integrations
  • Ecommerce platform integrations
  • Membership integrations
  • Webinar integrations
  • SMS integrations
  • Calendar integrations
  • Notification and social proof integrations
  • WordPress integration

2/ Adding your product is flawless

ClickFunnels provides a framework for all of your marketing and sales needs, but if you’re manually sending emails or using another CRM system then Clickfunnels has an integration option.

ClickFunnels is the first funnel builder that automatically adds your product information to an order form for you.

3/ Automation and Follow-up System

ClickFunnels’ automation feature is so simple to use that anyone with a little computer knowledge could implement it.

Called the Follow-up funnel.

The Follow-up funnel will allow businesses to deliver the right content, at just in time for a customer’s needs.

4/ Split Test your Product Funnel

Using A/B testing, you can compare different versions of your web pages to see which performs best. This technique is an essential part in conversion optimization and has helped businesses saves time on research than ever before!

ClickFunnels has an A/B testing feature that lets you test the performance of your funnel to see which version performs better.

Basically, you can split test your:

Pages and other elements

5/ Track your Sales

It’s easy to see how well your funnels are performing with ClickFunnels Dashboard.

You’ll be able to see:

Get a visual diagram of your funnels to see how they compare opt-ins, page views and sales for multiple funnel.
See how many people are joining your lists (You can see exactly where your leads are coming from)
Analyze which funnels convert the best
See how your business grows over time (by weeks, months or year)

Can I Sell Physical Products on ClickFunnels

A ClickFunnels funnel is an outstanding software for selling physical products online. ClickFunnels offers a range of pre-built templates and a drag-and-drop editor, which you can use to create product funnels. You do not need to have coding experience; You don’t even need a pre-existing website.

How do you Build a Sales Funnel for a Physical Product?

Follow these steps to create a sales funnel for your physical product business or something like clothing business as well:

  1. Create a landing page
  2. Offer something valuable
  3. Nurture the prospect
  4. Close the deal
  5. Keep the process going
  6. Optimize your sales funnel

But, if you want to be a successful online entrepreneur and want to sell your physical or digital products then the one funnel away challenge review might be helpful for you.

Over to You

Your online sales funnel should be designed to fit your product and customer type. The key is understanding what will resonate with potential customers, how they engage in the buying process, and why they buy from you. Remember that every consumer decision-making stage is different so it’s important not to treat them all the same way.

The psychology of marketing and advertising is a fascinating topic, but it can be difficult to know where to start. This article breaks down the different stages in your customer’s decision-making process so you can better understand how they think and what influences their purchasing decisions—and hopefully increase your own conversion rates in the process!

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