Can You Use ClickFunnels On Android

Yes, you can download and use clickfunnels app on android from google play store. It is available on playstore named as “ClickFunnels Stats”.

Thanks to those funnel builder software like clickfunnels, as they have eased the process of funnel making for the online business runners and now you don’t need a professional team of coders to make sales funnels for you. Seeking help from those professional teams to build sales funnels were costly, as well as many bright business ideas couldn’t come to light due to this reason.

Nowadays, most of the people spend their screen time more on smart phones than PC and TV. So keeping this in mind, clickfunnels has built an android app for you to establish connection and monitor your funnels remotely from mobile.

The app, clickfunnels stats lets you to observe the funnels performance, gaining access to the training in marketing and sales, accessing your funnels from an in-app browser and a lot more.
The clickfunnels stats app is pretty simple and easy to use with a friendly user interface.

In this article, we will let you know and help on how to set up and use the clickfunnels stats app on your android phone.

How to use clickfunnels app on android?

First of all, you are required two things;

  1. A Clickfunnels account
  2. An android device.
    Then follow the below steps.

Steps to use clickfunnels app on android:

  1. Firstly open Google play store of your android phone and then download clickfunnels stats app from there.
  2. When you will open the app, then you’ll be prompted to sign in to your clickfunnels account.
  3. After signing in, you’ll be redirected to the app’s homepage and see the stats of your own account.
  4.  Select all funnels from right below. It will show a drop down menu of your all active funnels. You can scroll up and down to enter all of your funnels.
  5. If you select a particular funnel, the next page will show the funnels stats. There you will be informed about how your funnel is doing in terms of gross profit, successfully made purchases, opt-ins and page clicks or views. You can also review the stats of other funnels in a regular basis.
  6. At the home pages bottom line, you will find access to options like listen, watch, read and shop.

Pressing on listen will lead you to clickfunnels podcast. Selecting watch will link you to funnels TV. Read option will take you to clickfunnels blog and the shop option will take you to purchases that you can make on clickfunnels plans.

These are all the steps to navigate over the clickfunnels stats app and use it. Hope that it will come to your help a bit or more.

Clickfunnels is a trusted and efficient way of generating more leads and converting those to sales in a quite higher rate. A lot of study shows that, if you are a business owner and running on online platform, you can surely rely on clickfunnels which is enhanced with some key features to make your businesses marketing and sales process more comfortable, easy and efficient.

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