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One Funnel Away Challenge Price 2023

Get inspired with this high-energy business training names OFA challenge and specially today here we are talking about one funnel away challenge price.

By the way,

The OFA Challenge is a business exercise that helps you discover what’s holding back your business and how to fix it.

The One Funnel Away Challenge will teach you how to build your sales process so that all customers need is to take one step towards their goal. Join today in this popular challenge and see if you can be just one funnel away from success!

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One Funnel Away Challenge Price

The One Funnel Away Challenge costs $100 and includes 30 days of coaching with Russell Brunson, a 550-page digital ebook called “30 Days,” plus the companion guide in one page.

And for this price, you can join the OnePageCRM “30 Days” plan for only $997. In this exclusive offer from OFA Training and Coaching Club, you’ll have access to all of our training videos as well as support throughout your implementation process with unlimited coaching calls. You will also receive an additional bonus eBook called “30 Ways in 30 days” which contains over 100 ideas on how to implement using social media marketing strategies that actually work!

In just a month, you’ll have your first sales funnel launched with the help of 30 days worth of guidance from Jon and his consulting team.

One Funnel Away Challenge Affordable or Expensive?

First of all it all depends on what you are looking for to grow yourself.

For me personally – it’s really cheap and world class program by Russell Brunson.

In my whole life, I have purchased many expensive programs that came with lower quality training.

It’s no surprise that many people in the industry pay thousands for such a training program.

But I want to point out that this price ($100) isn’t just for OFA challenge. For the low cost of one hundred dollars, you’re also getting access to all other bonuses mentioned in another post!

I think the price is very cheap.

The price might look a little high if you are used to getting information from other free sources. However, the one funnel away challenge is great for those who want an unbiased opinion about their finances and don’t have time on their hands!

As I said, it depends on how you are looking at this.

Is the OFA Challenge Worth it?

I think one funnel away challenge totally worth the investment!

It’s natural that most people are willing to pay hundreds of dollars for similar courses nowadays.

For only $100, you can learn about one of the most well-known sales funnel masters in the world from Russell Brunson.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a startup entrepreneur launching your first sales funnel or an experienced one.

Founder of Clickfunnels and marketing guru Russell Brunson has a very unique coaching program that’s worth $100,000 per day.
The one-day sit down with him is only the beginning as he goes through all aspects of your business including operations management to strategy development for entrepreneurs who want their company to succeed like you do!

But, in the OFA challenge, you only pay 100 Dollar for a very similar experience!

One Funnel Away Challenge Special Offer

Are you interested in both the OFA challenge training and ClickFunnels account? There’s a special offer available that is called “OFA Platinum.

What is the Special Offer?

Get 6 months of ClickFunnels Platinum and unlimited access to OFA Challenge training for just $997.00 with this amazing deal!

With your purchase of the Platinum plan, you get to pay only $166.00 (saving yourself a lot!). And as an added bonus, OFA training is included with this offer for FREE! You need to pay only $166.00 per month, and as a bonus!

Oh, and one more important thing:

One Funnel Away Challenge is not only a free training, it also offers you some neat perks that will make your business easier and more enjoyable.

Here are the $13464 worth bonuses.

Is there a Refund for the One Funnel Away?

The OFA Challenge is a program that promises to help you achieve your goals within 30 days. There’s also a money-back guarantee if it doesn’t work for you!

How to Promote the one Funnel Away as an Affiliate?

Click funnels offers a crazy 100% commission.

So, one funnel away affiliates make $100 for every new person who joins the OFA challenge using their affiliate link.

How to Join the OFA Challenge Affiliate Program?

To join the One Funnel Away Challenge affiliate program, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Visit OFA main page
  • Step 2: Get the one funnel away challenge training
  • Step 3: After you complete the OFA challenge registration you’ll also be offered to join the affiliate program as well

You can also promote the OFA Challenge using the affiliate dashboard of your ClickFunnels account.

Final thoughts on One Funnel Away Challenge Price

The cost of $100 looks expensive for newbies. But think that paying just $100 at one time you can set up your entrepreneurship mind to grow in the right way.

After completed the OFA challenge you have a community where you can ask for help and grow yourself.

So, the price is cheap!

You Suddenly Lose Everything... What Would You Do From Day 1 to Day 30 To Save Yourself.
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